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Puzzling roles

Posted: 04 Dec 2012 12:25 AM PST

How on Earth did some of the characters on television land their jobs?

Have you ever wondered what possessed Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson, The X-Files) to join the FBI, what drove Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders, How I Met Your Mother) to read the news on TV or what inspired Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo, Grey's Anatomy) to trade in fancy clothes for hospital scrubs?

There are some TV characters that are completely believable in their roles. Take Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay), for example. One would have no problems accepting the fact that she works for New York City as a sex crimes detective on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. She's tough enough to hack it as a cop yet gentle enough to empathise with her victims, and see to it that justice is done by the end of each episode.

There are also characters like Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall), a forensic scientist who specialises in blood spatter patterns on the crime drama Dexter. He's also a serial killer by night – a bit of a Robin Hood-type of guy because he only kills bad guys and feels that his actions are justified. A few years back, Hall played David Fisher in Alan Ball's drama Six Feet Under (one of my favourite TV shows). I must say that death does become him in a way. I do sometimes have a problem seeing him in the role of an officer of the law, however. While it is the perfect cover for a serial killer, I find it hard to believe that Dexter would be able to pull it all off. He seems like too much of a good guy to be leading such a double life and relishing it as well.

Then there's Susan (Teri Hatcher) on Desperate Housewives. Know any children's book illustrator who looks that hot? Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion) is only a tad more believable in his role on Castle. The poker games at the end of some episodes with other more famous writers do add to his cred.

What about characters whose jobs completely throw you off? For example, how did Joey Tribbianni (Matt LeBlanc on Friends) become an actor and land a role on Days Of Our Lives? Chandler (Mathew Perry) is one whose job is a little hard to figure out. I believe he worked as an IT procurement manager with the specialisation of statistical analysis and data reconfiguration. You'd think he'd be more of a geek then, wouldn't you? And as for Ross (David Schwimmer) and Monica (Courteney Cox), what are the chances of a paleontologist and a chef being siblings?

There's also Dr Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) on House MD. While I love his character, I have to question how he ever became a doctor and whether it is realistic for such an obnoxious character to hold such a position of authority or be held in such high esteem.

In How I Met Your Mother, Lily (Alyson Hannigan) is a kindergarten teacher, Ted's (Josh Radnor) an architect and Marshall's (Jason Segel) a lawyer. But what exactly is Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris)? At some point, I thought he worked for Goliath National Bank as a project developer. But in the earlier seasons, I think he worked for AltruCell Corporation, a large (and possibly shady) company that produces weapons, cigarettes and the "fuzzy yellow stuff" on tennis balls. It's hard to believe Barney in any particular profession actually, except maybe lawyer since he's so good at talking his way through difficult situations. Barney seems more the lawyer type than Marshall. They should have made Marshall a bohemian musician.

And finally, I have a serious problem with Sam and Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, respectively), and even their father, on Supernatural. While I am intrigued by what they do (they are hunters, right?), who exactly pays for all their motel stays, petrol for that awesome Mustang that Dean drives, food and other such trivialities? I mean, I do know Sam is half-Demon and all, but surely they're not conjuring up money in the basement, right? And unlike Earl (Jason Lee in My Name Is Earl), Sam and Dean don't seem to have karma on their side. – A.M.C.

Unreal all the time

SPEAKING of Dexter, I think the entire Miami Metro Police Department has some serious credibility issues. I mean, really, Dexter Morgan has been at it for seven years – he's killed many prime suspects in the department's serial murder cases and still not one person there is on to him? Honestly? I love the show but sometimes, you have to suspend disbelief quite a bit when watching it.

At a glance, the entire workforce in the Parks Department of Pawnee, Indiana (in Parks And Recreation) seem to know nothing about what they're doing. Or rather, they'd rather not know what they have to do.

Out of all the characters, my favourite "seemingly incompetent" worker has to be April Ludgate (Aubrey Plaza), a former intern who is later hired to be the department director Ron Swanson's (Nick Offerman) assistant. What an assistant she is! She answers all his calls but never puts them through, making up excuses instead so that Ron need not attend to any business. You wonder how she got the job but I don't: Ron hired her precisely because he knew she'd never do her job! I'd love an assistant like that. Imagine a work day with no phone calls! Hey wait a minute ... I've been on hold more than a dozen times whenever I call customer care numbers ... Maybe Parks And Recreations has got its characterisation down pat after all.

Moving on, let's talk about TV cops. There are a few who stand out: Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) from Blue Bloods is quite a bad a**, as was Elliot Stabler in Law & Order: SVU (the actor Christopher Meloni left the series after season 13). But Andy McNally (Missy Peregrym) from Rookie Blue is less than believable as a rookie cop who graduated top of her class. All Andy ever wanted was to be a cop because you see, her father was a cop.

But let's face it, the girl doesn't seem cut out for the job. She keeps falling for the guys she works with – first a detective and then her partner and then her training officer.

Her romantic dalliances got her suspended once when she almost got her partner killed. She's been held hostage and is constantly in some sticky situation or other while on duty. I say, take the gun away from her.

And what about those independently wealthy characters – those who have somehow inherited a whole lot of money from somewhere or someone and therefore don't need a real job to live an awesome and often affluent life?

Characters like Amanda Clarke/Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) on Revenge. I mean, how many millions did she inherit? The show is in its second season now and at least a couple of years have passed since she "got her money" – but her bank account is still replete with funds!

What about Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards) of Seinfeld? Ever wonder what his day job was? Is he an inventor (he came up with the idea of a coffee table book about coffee tables and the pizzeria where customers make their own pizza)?

Is he a model (in one episode, a reference was made to him being an underwear model for Calvin Klein)? Or maybe he's just a full-time gambler (remember the episode where he bets with a wealthy Texan on aircraft arrival times? And the episode where he bet a ton of money on a horse which won him US$18,000?).

For a truly eccentric character, Kramer is pretty savvy when it comes to supporting himself. Guess it pays to be crazy. – S.I.


The Star Online: World Updates

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The Star Online: World Updates

Bomb explodes at offices of Greek ultra-right party, no casualties

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 08:24 PM PST

ATHENS (Reuters) - A bomb went off at the offices of a Greek ultra-right group near Athens early on Tuesday causing damage but no casualties, a police source said.

The explosion occurred at the local offices of the Golden Dawn party in the Athens suburb of Aspropyrgos. "It was a powerful blast that caused a lot of damage," said a police official who declined to be named.

Riding a wave of public anger at austerity, corrupt politicians and illegal immigration, Golden Dawn has come out of nowhere to become Greece's third-biggest party, according to the latest opinion polls.

A survey by VPRC, an independent polling company, put its party's support at 14 percent in October, compared with the 7 percent it won in elections in June.

Several Greek observers and politicians said Golden Dawn should be declared illegal because its rhetoric and emblems resemble the Nazi party and Greece's 1967-1974 military junta.

The party, however, denies any such resemblance.

(Reporting by Harry Papachristou; Editing by Eric Walsh)

Copyright © 2012 Reuters

Australian motorcycle gang challenges criminal law in court

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 07:55 PM PST

CANBERRA (Reuters) - A motorcycle gang in Australia, where such groups have been targeted over violence and drug trafficking, has challenged the constitutionality of a law that would make it easier to declare them a criminal gang.

Leaders of the Finks, whose motto is "Attitude with Violence", have asked Australia's highest court to overturn laws they say are draconian and threaten civil freedoms.

Under the laws, police in tropical Queensland state have sought to have the Finks declared a criminal gang. Similar laws have been used elsewhere in Australia.

"This legislation can be used against any organisation which the police or the government may target to say they are criminal in nature," Finks lawyer Bill Potts told reporters ahead of the two-day challenge in the High Court of Australia.

"We say it's a law too far, it's a law that's unnecessary. We say that in total that large sections of it are in fact unconstitutional," he said.

The laws have been successfully challenged by other gangs, including the Hells Angels, in two other states, New South Wales and South Australia, frustrating governments who have tried to link rival gangs to the illicit drugs trade, trafficking of illegal firearms, robbery, murder, extortion and prostitution.

New South Wales and South Australia subsequently recast their laws after the High Court decided that new powers allowing lower court judges to hear evidence in secret and to prevent legal appeals went too far under the Australian Constitution.

In their latest challenge, the Finks said the new laws were unnecessarily punitive because existing state laws were sufficient to deal with criminal behaviour.

The most recent count of "outlaw" motorcycle gangs by the Australian Crime Commission said there were around 39 clubs across Australia with a rising membership of around 4,000. The Finks have several hundred members.

The Finks' lawyers told members to wear business suits rather than club leathers to the High Court, cover up tattoos and leave their high-powered motorcycles at home.

Another legal loss would be a setback for Australian authorities anxious to crack down on gang crime, which has been on the rise in recent years.

Motorcycle gangs gained notoriety, and have been under increased scrutiny, since six gang members and an onlooker were killed in a 1984 shootout in a Sydney hotel carpark known as The Fathers Day Massacre.

In 2009, members of the Comanchero Motorcycle Club and the Hells Angels clashed violently at Sydney's main airport, with one bashed to death in front of horrified onlookers.

The court will not hand down a decision until early 2013.

(Editing by Paul Tait)

Copyright © 2012 Reuters

Japan candidates hit streets in first national vote since Fukushima disaster

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 07:38 PM PST

FUKUSHIMA, Japan (Reuters) - Candidates hit the streets on Tuesday at the official start of a campaign for a parliamentary election that is expected to return the opposition Liberal Democrats to power but risks furthering the policy stalemate plaguing the world's third-biggest economy.

In a sign that last year's nuclear crisis still weighs on Japan's national psyche, both former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the opposition Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) leader, and Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda kicked off the campaign in the northeastern prefecture of Fukushima, site of the world's worst radiation disaster in a quarter century.

The role of nuclear power is one hot topic in the first national poll since the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami devastated Tokyo Electric Power Co's Fukushima Daiichi plant, causing meltdowns, forcing 160,000 people to flee and destroying a myth that atomic power is safe, cheap and clean.

Voters are also focused on how rival parties plan to rescue Japan's economy from what looks like its fourth recession since 2000 and cope with a rising China, ties with which have been chilled by a territorial feud that is feeding nationalist sentiment in both countries.

"Our mission is to protect the safety of our children and the public, to protect our territory and beautiful waters," Abe told a crowd in a city square in Fukushima City under cloudy skies. "We are determined to win a majority with (LDP ally) the New Komeito party and take back power.

"We just cannot afford to lose," he said to applause, though one listener carried a placard targetting the LDP's decades-long promotion of nuclear power saying, "It is the LDP that built nuclear plants in Fukushima".

Media opinion polls suggest that of the 12 parties running some 1,500 candidates, the LDP will win the biggest number of seats in parliament's powerful lower house.


That would give Abe, who quit suddenly in 2007 after a troubled year in office, the best shot at forming the next government, probably with long-term ally, the New Komeito.

But surveys published on Monday also show that the LDP's lead over Noda's Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) has narrowed, increasing the possibility that the main conservative opposition party will need a third partner to form a government.

If so, the LDP would be eyeing potential post-election allies. Options include the newly launched, right-leaning Japan Restoration Party founded by popular Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto in a bid to woo voters fed up with the two main established parties, or other small groups, or even a chastened DPJ.

"Our economic policy is simple," Hashimoto told a crowd in Osaka, western Japan. "We will destroy the vested interests who until now have skimmed off all the cream."

Abe insists he will give no ground in a row with China over rival claims to tiny, uninhabited isles in the South China Sea and wants to spend more on defence and loosen the limits of Japan's pacifist constitution on the military.

He wants to pressure the Bank of Japan to ease its already hyper-loose monetary policy and to gear up public works spending to rescue the economy, steps Noda has criticised as irresponsible given Japan's mammoth public debt, already the worst among advanced nations at twice the size of the economy.

The pro-nuclear LDP says it will gradually restart off-line reactors judged safe, while thinking about Japan's best energy mix over the next decade. The Democrats aim to exit atomic power by the 2030s, although some sceptics doubt their commitment.

How any of the parties would secure lasting growth while reining in a ballooning social security bill in Japan's fast-ageing society remains unclear.

The Democrats surged to power for the first time in 2009, promising to put politicians, not bureaucrats, in charge of governing and to pay more heed to the interests of consumers than corporations in designing policies. Critics say the fractious party honoured its pledges mostly in the breach.

"This election is about whether we will move forward with what we must do, or turn back the clock to the politics of the past," Noda told a crowd in Iwaki, also in Fukushima prefecture.

Noda, the party's third premier in three years, enacted - with opposition help - a sales tax rise to curb public debt. But that step sparked a stream of defections from the party.

Many voters have yet to decide how to vote.

"The LDP looks set to assume power. But I don't think things will change drastically under LDP rule," said a 62-year-old public servant after listening to Abe's speech.

"If you live in Fukushima, you would want quicker reconstruction and decontamination rather than constitutional amendments and military buildup."

(Additional reporting by Yoshiyuki Osada in Osaka; Writing by Linda Sieg in Tokyo; Editing by Ken Wills)

Related Stories:
Factbox - Parties contesting Japan's Dec 16 election

Copyright © 2012 Reuters


The Star Online: Sports

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The Star Online: Sports

Australian press blast 'monumental failure'

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 06:44 PM PST

PERTH, Australia - Australian media on Tuesday blasted the national team's "monumental failure" in the third Test against South Africa while lamenting the end of former skipper Ricky Ponting's illustrious career.

South Africa thumped the Australians by 309 runs in Perth to hold on to their number one Test ranking and ruin an emotional farewell for Ponting, who bowed out after a 17-year Test career.

Set an improbable 632 runs to win, Australia were dismissed for 322 with a day to spare. Ponting, the second highest runscorer in Test history, was out for just eight after he was given an honour guard by the South Africans.

"Champions contemptuously put the Australians in their place," said The Australian newspaper.

"Perth was a monumental failure at a critical moment and a timely reminder that Michael Clarke's side is number three - better on a good day and worse on a bad one like this," said their cricket writer Peter Lalor.

"Never was the gap between one and three writ more large than in this game."

The Sydney Morning Herald said: "Proteas use momentum to absolute advantage", while bemoaning Australia's "missed opportunity" to grab the number one world ranking. The first two matches in the three-Test series ended in draws.

"It was disappointing enough that Ricky Ponting's last hurrah was an unremarkable scratching together for eight runs," the newspaper added.

"For the ambitious Clarke, though, the whole debacle will be viewed as a missed opportunity to crown his captaincy with a return to the top of the Test charts."

While the team's failure to win the series came in for some stinging criticism, there was praise for Ponting in his 168th and final Test, finishing his career with 13,378 Test runs at 51.85, including 41 centuries.

"In the blurring of an eye, and 13,378 runs, it was over," The Australian said.

"Ponting might have mistimed his final shot but not his departure," the newspaper said. "Better sweet sorrow at parting than a welcome overstayed."

The Herald, likewise, dedicated column inches to Ponting's farewell but also looked to the future, questioning what should now happen to the team's batting order.

"One of the most pressing issues for Australia after the South Africa series is an inconsistent top order that only once in five innings reached 100 by the time the third wicket fell," it said.

Sydney's Daily Telegraph also highlighted top order failures, saying: "Batting drought bad news for Ashes," referring to the series with England next year.

"Had the next generation been more productive, he (Ponting) may not have lasted so long, reinforcing the most pressing problem, a lack of batting depth heading into next year's Ashes," the paper's Malcolm Conn wrote. - AFP

Malaysia fail at crucial stage as Ireland win on golden goal

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 04:22 PM PST

KUALA LUMPUR: The national hockey team could only manage to finish fourth in the Champions Challenge I tournament, which ended in Quilmes, Argentina, on Sunday.

The Malaysians ended the tournament with a 4-3 defeat by Ireland in the third placing playoff. The match ended 3-3 in regulation time but the Irish scored a golden goal late in the second half of extra time to finish third.

It was a bitter end for the Malaysians, who had started the tournament in grand fashion – chalking up four straight impressive wins before their first loss in the semi-finals.

They began with a 4-0 win over Poland and followed it up with two more victories – 4-2 over South Korea and 4-1 over Canada.

In the quarter-finals, they beat South Africa 4-1 to set up a rematch with South Korea in the last four.

That's when it all went downhill for the Malaysians, who fell 6-3 to the Koreans.

Then, 24 hours later, they were back on the field to face Ireland, who got the better of them.

But as least the Malaysians matched their best-ever placing in the Champions Challenge I by finishing fourth. They were also fourth in Kuala Lumpur in 2001.

The Malaysian scorers against Ireland were Ismail Abu, Faizal Saari and Nabil Fiqri Mohamed Nor.

Peter Caruth was the hero for Ireland when he scored the winning goal in extra time. Michael Watt, Caruth and Conor Harte had earlier scored in regulation time.

What made the loss to Ireland even more painful is that Malaysia were 3-2 up in the 67th minute. With just three minutes left on the clock, Malaysia looked good for a win.

But the plucky Irish immediately chased down a penalty corner the very next minute and saved the match with Harte's strike.

National team manager George Koshy hoped the defeat would hold them in good stead as they bid to qualify for the 2014 World Cup next year.

The Asia Cup in August is a qualifier for the World Cup but before the team must also do well in the World League, slated for June-July.

"We have the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup as part of our preparations and also the World League. We are also planning a tour in the middle of next year ... but this will depend on the sceduling of the World League," said George.

"For now, we are looking at the Asian Champions Trophy, which will be held in Doha on Dec 20. The players will have a short break before resuming training. We'll have another round of selections."

George said that coach Paul Revington would make changes to the side as they hope to try out some of the players left out of the Champions Challenge team.

The team wil return to Kuala Lumpur today.

Contrasting fortunes for Nicol and Wee Wern in Hong Kong

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 03:45 PM PST

PETALING JAYA: It was a tale of contrasting fortunes for Malaysia's top women squash players Nicol David and Low Wee Wern at the Hong Kong Open, which ended on Sunday.

World No. 1 Nicol extended her dominanation in Hong Kong – she is unbeaten in 40 matches – since the 2005 Women's World Open as she sealed a convincing win over France's Camille Serme in four sets.

World No. 7 Wee Wern, however, was forced to retire in the second round – to Serme – after suffering a hamstring tear in her right leg.

Given her current form and how the other top seeds had suffered early exits in Hong Kong, Wee Wern could well have beaten Serme and made the final herself had it not been for the injury.

The 22-year-old Wee Wern is now racing against time to be fit for the Women's World Open, which starts from Dec 13-21 at Cayman Islands.

"I hate to retire in matches .. I just felt that if I could have carried on against Camille, I would've won," said Wee Wern.

"The injury is not too serious, but it's not too good either. Unfortunately, I still do not know whether I will be fit for the World Open."

The young Penangite is seeded seventh for the World Open and is drawn to meet England's Sarah Kippax in the first round, with a potential quarter-final clash against third seed Laura Massaro, also of England.

The week, however, belonged to Nicol as she stamped her authority with yet another dominating performance from start to finish.

The 29-year-old Nicol, whose confidence took a huge knock back in September after consecutive losses in the Malaysian Open and Carol Weymuller Open, has rebounded well and was on fire in Hong Kong.

She was fit, sharp and focused did not drop a single set en route to the final. Only a determined Serme managed to take a set off her in the final.

"This is my 10th year playing in the Hong Kong Open, but I've been playing in their junior open since I was 11. This will always be a special tournament for me," said Nicol.

"Hong Kong is also where I won my first world title, so I guess every time I go back there, I feel that it's the world title at stake all over again and I just have to win it!"

Nicol's win also means that she will head into the World Open as the hot favourite to set another record – winning her seventh world title.

The way she is playing now, it's hard to see anyone stopping her.

Meanwhile, the Squash Racquets Association of Malaysia (SRAM) concluded their 40th annual general meeting on Sunday, with the affable Datuk Syed Mustaffa Syed Ali returned unopposed as president.

Vice-president Leslie Ponnam­pa­lam, honorary treasurer Gabriel Teo also retained their posts alongside committee members Amran Ahmad, Tan Tian Huat. The only new face was Peter Lim Swee Seng, who replaced Rohaizan Rashid as committee member.


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The Star Online: Business

Sarawak's Ibraco surges to all-time high

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 06:08 PM PST

Published: Tuesday December 4, 2012 MYT 10:08:00 AM

KUALA LUMPUR: Sarawak property developer Ibraco Bhd's share price surged to an all-time high of RM2.08 on Tuesday on news of a mixed property development in Bintulu.

At 9.51am, it was up 48 sen to RM2.08. There 49,600 shares done.

The FBM KLCI fell 1.86 points to 1,605.49. Turnover was 115.20 million shares valued at RM110.52mil. There were 99 gainers, 157 losers and 194 counters unchanged.

Starbiz reported on Saturday the company's two subsidiaries had teamed up with BDA Properties Sdn Bhd, a unit of Bintulu Development Authority.

The partnership was to develop two pieces of land totalling 11.53 ha in Kemena land district, Sarawak. They are collaborating to build a sewerage treatment plant with a land area of 2.35 ha on a portion of Lot 4895, Block 31 in Kemena land district.

Ibraco would also undertake a mixed development in Bintulu, which it described as an appropriate and strategic move to expand their market share in Sarawak.


Naim on track to meet RM300mil property sales target

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 05:42 PM PST

KUCHING: Naim Holdings Bhd is on track to meet its target of RM300mil in property sales this year.

Corporate marketing/investor relations senior director Ricky Kho (pic) said robust demand particularly in residential homes had helped the group's sales to hit RM287mil year to date.

Last year Naim sold 660 property units valued at RM218.8mil and, in the first 11 months of this year, it achieved sales of 620 units of higher value properties in Miri, Kuching and Samarahan.

"Demand for residential houses remains strong with high take-up rates," Kho said.

Naim's property developments include the flagship satellite township in Permyjaya in Miri, Desa Ilmu in Kota Samarahan and Riveria along the Kuching-Samarahan Expressway.

Naim's group pre-tax profit rose by more than 240% to RM30.6mil in the third quarter to Sept 30, 2012 from RM12.6mil in the previous corresponding period, while group revenue soared to RM133.4mil from RM94.4mil. Third quarter property revenue stood at RM57.8mil.

Kho said Naim would launch its integrated upmarket commercial and residential project at the old Bintulu airport in the first quarter of 2013.

The project, with a gross development value of RM2bil, will comprise high-rise residential condominiums, a street mall, a hotel and shopping complex.

Naim is also expected to launch phase one of a proposed RM300mil joint-venture mixed development project in Batu Lintang here next year.

Kho said Naim group's construction arm had secured close to RM650mil worth of contracts in the first 11 months this year, exceeding its target of RM500mil for the year. The contracts include two station packages for the My Rapid Transit (MRT) project worth RM412mil, the Murum hydro dam resettlement scheme and a road project.

The MRT project represents Naim's first foray into Peninsular Malaysia.

Asked when Naim would start work on the MRT station packages, Kho said its wholly-owned Naim Engineering Sdn Bhd was waiting for the handover of the project sites.

Meanwhile, Naim's 33.6%-owned associate Dayang Enterprise Holdings Bhd posted an impressive net profit of RM41.3mil in the third quarter.


Tips on how to be a 'family-friendly' company

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 05:38 PM PST

IN my previous article "Dilemma of Working Mothers in Corporate Malaysia", I encouraged working mothers to play a role in nudging and helping our employers to adopt policies and facilities to be a more family-friendly company. A few ladies have sent some encouraging notes to share their thoughts on this as well. Thank you.

I have personally put in some requests in my previous employments and had the opportunity to hear the heart of the employers concerning flexitime arrangement and company daycare among other issues. The good news is, most employers can empathise with working mothers but the transitioning into this new culture comes with a lot of financial, business and HR implications.

On a higher level globally, some companies are also making an effort to ensure gender diversity in their workforce, especially in the senior management. According to the McKinsey Woman Matter: An Asian Perspective research report this year, they identified 41 initiatives categorised under three main elements that should be present within a corporate ecosystem to support this initiative, namely Management Commitment, Women's Development Programmes and Collective Enablers. I will share this further in my next article.

To remain competitive, some of these forward looking companies have started exploring different ways to attract, retain and develop working mothers. In Malaysia, it is reported that 47% of respondents are actively looking into implementing these initiatives, compared to a 38% Asia average. That's an encouraging finding. On a separate note, Citibank Malaysia impressed me with its Citi kids, an employee-focused daycare near its office. But let's talk about crche and daycare another time.

For a start, as we pool our resources and support to cordially create a more family-friendly workplace, let me share one initiative under the Enabler category in the research that is practical and has relatively low impact on financial investment, operations and business risk nursing rooms.

A facility that can cut cost

Malaysia along with many other countries and healthcare professionals encourage babies to be breastfed for at least six months, mainly to strengthen their immune system. In most cases, healthier babies translate into less resources spent on sick babies from mothers taking days off from work to care for their child(ren) to medical and insurance claims for the unwell child. Not to mention the focus and productivity of the mothers.

Cigna, an American-based health insurance company launched a Working Well Moms Program and saw a savings of US$300,000 in annual healthcare expenses for breastfeeding mothers and their children. The programme also reduced absenteeism among breastfeeding mothers.

Lacking at our workplace

I have seen and heard stories of how mothers had to use their office room, covering the windows with blankets/papers for privacy to pump. Some mothers go through the inconvenience of using a colleague's or superior's room or a meeting room to do so, only when it's available. If well planned, these mothers will need to pump 2-3 times a day. Then comes the worry of storing the milk to ensure it doesn't spoil.

My personal experience as a new mother saw many of the shortcomings in this area too from almost having to use a washroom cubicle to express milk to avoiding storing them in the cafeteria fridge with uncooked meat. I am so thankful for a kind colleague in another department who offered her meeting room for my use whenever it is unoccupied. Bare necessities

For a basic nursing room, Massachusetts Institute of Technology recommends a room size of a minimum 4 ft x 5 ft equipped with a door that locks from the inside, electrical outlet, good lighting and ventilation, comfortable chair, a small table, "occupied" sign for the door, wastepaper basket, sink (in the room or nearby), refrigerator and a coordinator for room usage. For larger multi-user rooms, partition are included as part of the amenities. Such a setup can be used over the years by new returning mothers. Talk about return on investment! This space can be an infrequently-used room, storage area, pantry or vacant office.

Task force

The National Business Group of Health (NBGH) shares in its "Investing in Workplace Breastfeeding Programs and Policies" which recommends a list of company stakeholders who can potentially contribute to a task force setting up a nursing room(s). The list includes those from:

Human resource specialist

Facilities management

Current and previous breast feeding employee

Representative staff from a variety of department

Pregnant employee

Finance department; and

Public relations

And a member of the senior management who can provide insight into merging business needs with employee concern.

Among the first things this task force can look into, according to NBGH, includes examining company's existing policies regarding support services for breastfeeding employees, if any. The team can then proceed to identify the number of employed women of childbearing age, number of pregnancies among employees annually, breastfeeding rates of employees (if known), current turnover rate among women who take maternity leave and current rates of absenteeism among new mothers and fathers.

Following that, it can look into policies for milk expression break, construction of nursing room and gaining buy-in from other employees.

In the long run, HR should be able to review company absenteeism and turnover rates periodically to track the potential impact of the programme.

With positive result from the tracking and evaluation, it will be a great platform to gain management support and commitment to be a family-friendly company.

A 20 sq ft nursing room is a simple low cost and low risk support from the employer which goes a long way in creating company loyalty, saving costs, branding as an employer of choice for women talents and, most importantly, playing your role in building a family-friendly Corporate Malaysia!

  • Elisa is a working mother and leads the Talent Assessment division in Leaderonomics. She strives to give her best at her work and to her family. She believes that with enough voice and support, employers will begin to consider taking steps towards a more family-friendly company.


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    The Star Online: Nation

    Malaysia to set up hub for copter training

    Posted: 03 Dec 2012 03:53 PM PST

    PETALING JAYA: Malaysia is poised to become a training centre for helicopter pilots and crew members in the Asia-Pacific region with the setting up of a regional simulator centre here next month.

    Defence Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the centre would act as a training facility for EC225/725 copters as well as a helicopter maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) centre.

    The simulator centre is a joint venture by the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS) and Boustead Heavy Industry Corporation.

    "South-East Asia's helicopter market is one of the fastest growing, extending far beyond Malaysia. Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore and the Philippines all have huge demands for new rotorcrafts, particularly in offshore supply and mining support.

    "Malaysia is well placed to meet demands for this dynamic growth through comprehensive cooperation projects with various companies," Ahmad Zahid said after receiving the first two of 12 EC725 medium-lift helicopters for the Royal Malaysian Airforce (RMAF) at the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Subang, near here, yesterday.

    "They will complement and eventually replace the 20 aging Sikorsky S-61A-4 Nuri helicopters which were bought in 1968," he said, adding that the Nuri copters would be upgraded, refurbished or sold to neighbouring countries.

    He added that the helicopters, by French Eurocopter Group, would be used for search and rescue operations, troop transport and utility missions.

    All 12 helicopters would be delivered to the RMAF by Eurocopter by 2014.

    The EC725 helicopters reportedly cost the Government RM2.3bil, or RM193mil each.

    DAP publicity secretary Tony Pua had claimed this was execessive, citing that Brazil bought 50 units of the same model in 2010, which is about RM84mil per unit.

    Reacting to Pua's allegation, Ahmad Zahidi said: "His claims are totally untrue and baseless."

    The EC725 copters were first introduced in 2005 and is capable of carrying over 11,000kg of weight and can travel up to 290kph.

    No leniency for any agency that mistreats maids, ministry warns

    Posted: 03 Dec 2012 03:52 PM PST

    MALACCA: The Human Resources Ministry warned the 330 registered maid agencies in the country not to tarnish the country's image by abusing foreigners under their care.

    Minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subra-maniam said the action of a few irresponsible agencies had brought shame to the country.

    "Therefore, we will no longer be lenient with any agency found to be mistreating foreigners here," he said after handing over Federal Government monetary aid to Non-Governmental Organisations and Hindu temples in the state at Bukit Beruang yesterday.

    Dr Subramaniam was commenting on the shocking find at a maid agency in Bandar Baru Klang where 105 foreign women were found held captive in a four-storey building.

    Besides being treated roughly, some of the women claimed that their food was rationed and they were even forced to eat paper as punishment if they tried to ask for their salaries.

    The Ministry, Dr Subramaniam said, was now waiting for the full report from the Immigration Depart-ment on the agency before pursuing the case.

    He said the Ministry would blacklist the agency and safeguard the victims' interest.

    Dr Subramaniam called for the maximum penalty on the Bandar Baru Klang maid agency.

    On a separate note, Dr Subramaniam said the framework on the extention of retirement age from 55 to 60 in the private sector will be revealed within the next two weeks.

    He said the decision on the implementation of the minimum retirement age for private sector would be determined before the end of this year.

    Under the Minimum Retirement Age Bill 2012 passed by the Parlia-ment recently, the compulsory retirement age of private sector employees is raised to 60 and an employer cannot retire an employee prematurely.

    Raid on agency leaves many customers in shock

    Posted: 03 Dec 2012 03:52 PM PST

    KLANG: The Immigration Department's raid on a maid agency in Bandar Baru Klang has left many of the agency's customers in shock.

    Wong Chee Meng, 38, said he was surprised to read about the raid, which resulted in 105 foreign women being rescued, in The Star yesterday.

    "I never thought it would be the agency that we hired from.

    "My heart sank when I discovered the truth. I contacted the agency and they confirmed the raid," he said when met in front of the agency's office here yesterday.

    Wong and his wife Ang Ying Chee, 38, are worried as they have paid a deposit of RM6,000 to hire a new maid.

    "We did not mind paying the sum as we desperately need a maid to look after our three children as both of us are working.

    "We hope to get a refund as we do not know what is going to happen to the agency," he said.

    Restaurant worker Rashid Jamaluddin, 21, whose outlet is located near the agency, said he was surprised to see so many Immigration officers raiding the agency.

    "I always see the maids coming down from the agency to buy take-away meals.

    "I never suspected anything amiss. They seemed fine,'' he added.

    A mini-mart worker, who only wished to be known as Aina, said the women would always buy items from her shop and "seemed scared".

    Meanwhile, Selangor Immigration director Amran Ahmad said his personnel assisted with the transfer of the maids' belongings before sending them to the welfare home at Jalan Bukit Ledang in Damansara onboard two buses yesterday.

    On the possibility of the maids having been abused, he said the department was investigating the matter.


    The Star Online: Metro: Central

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    The Star Online: Metro: Central

    Metro Watch

    Posted: 03 Dec 2012 04:40 AM PST


    MBPJ business permit application form to set up stalls for Chinese New Year next year between Jan 11 and Feb 9, will be on sale today, from 9am to 4.30pm, at Menara MBPJ Licensing Division. There are 139 lots available in Jalan SS2/62, SS2/63, Jalan 1/9, Kampung Cempaka market and Taman Megah market. Deadline for submission is Dec 6. Priority will be given to Petaling Jaya and its surrounding residents. For details, call 03-7956 6922/03-7956 3352


    Online registration for the HSBC Charity Partner Walk 2012 to be held on Dec 9 at Padang Merbok Kuala Lumpur closes at 5pm on Dec 7. The 3.5km charity walk and mini carnival is in aid of the Children's Wish Society of Mala-ysia; an organisation that works to fulfil dreams and wishes of terminally ill children. To register and for further details, visit Participants can also register on the day of the walk from 6am to 7.30am.


    The last Jazz Jam Session 2012 for the year at Upstairs Alexis Telawi by resident quartet will be on at 8pm today. This quartet's enthusiasm lies in the exploration and jazz music, its traditions, language and diversity through jazz's vast family genres such as the blues, bebop, hardbop and cool jazz. Music students and jazz lovers welcomed. Admission is free. No shorts or slippers . For details, call 03-2284 2880 or email


    The Universiti Malaya (UM) Cultural Centre will host a concert series by Swedish duo Möller Mats Möller (flute) and Johannes Möller (guitar). The concert will be held at 8.30pm today at the UM Experimental Theater and the masterclass at 5.30pm on Dec 4 at the UM Cultural Centre. Admission is free or by donation. For details, call 03-79677787 (Faizah).


    The Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA) is holding an Industrial Design Diploma Show 2012 until today at the MIA Art Gallery, Taman Melawati, Kuala Lumpur. Admission is free. The gallery is open Mondays to Fridays, from 10am to 5pm, and Saturdays from 10am to 1pm. For details, call MIA at 03-4108 8100 or visit


    Shelter Home for Children is having its annual sale of desk-top calendars drawn by the Shelter's residents with the theme Children - Leaders of Tomorrow. Each calendar will be sold at RM10 a piece. For details, call 03-7955 0663 (Roland/Edwin), e-mail or visit


    St John's Institution class of 1960 will be organising a reunion dinner next month. For details, call 016-287 0914 (Kamahl) or email

    Outstanding athletes to be named tonight

    Posted: 03 Dec 2012 04:38 AM PST

    FOUR outstanding athletes — bowler Alex Liew, karate exponent R. Loganeshaa Rao, cycling Mohd Rizal Tisin and lawn bowler Muhamad Azwan Shuhaimi — are in contention for the Sportsman award at the 2011 Selangor Sports Awards to be announced in Shah Alam tonight.

    The selection panel, headed by Selangor State Sports Council (MSNS) chairman Dr Ahmad Yunus Hairi, has been entrusted with the responsibility to pick the winners.

    However, all four candidates have impressive records in their respective sports.

    Alex, who was the 2010 winner, won three gold medals in the SEA Games in Indonesia last year.

    He also won the individual gold medal in the San Marino International Open championship and the National Inter-state championship.

    Logesneshaa won a silver medal in the Asian Karate Federation (AKF) senior championships in Guangzhou, China as well as a gold and silver in the SEA Games in Indonesia.

    He also won a gold medal in the Basler Open in Switzerland.

    Mohd Rizal won a gold medal in the Asia track cycling championships in Thailand while Muhamad Azwan won three gold medals in the National championships.

    There is also expected to be a close contest for the Sportswoman award.

    The favourites are synchronised swimmer Katrina Ann Abdul Hadi and bowler Zandra Aziela Ibrahim Hakimi.

    Katrina, as a member of the Malaysian team, returned with five gold medals from the SEA Games in Indonesia.

    Zandra also has remarkable results winning the Masters golds in the Canon Malaysian International Open championships and Barcelona International Open.

    In the SEA Games, in Indonesia, Zandra won a gold and two bronze.

    There are four candidates for the Promising Sportsman award.

    They are Foo Dunley (table tennis), Colin Wong Wei Ming (tennis), Malek Marcus Mccrone (cycling) and P. Kumaravel (kabaddi).

    Foo Dunley, based on his three gold medals in the Malaysia Games, will face a strong challenge from Marcus and Kumaravel.

    Both Marcus and Kumaravel won gold medals for Selangor in the Malaysia Games.

    The trio of Nataha Mohamed Roslan (bowling), Farina Syawati Mohd Adnan (cycling) and Lee Rou You (table tennis) are in contention for the Promising Sportswoman award.

    For the first time, the MSNS are also honouring coaches in both the men and women categories.

    The three nominees are the Best Coach (men) award are Shamsuddin Mohd Sharif (beach volleyball), Mahazir Hamad (cycling) and Lew Kok Wah (fencing) while K. Sarweswari (kabaddi), Vivien Chen Wei Wen (fencing) and Shalin Zulkifli (bowling) are the candidates in the women's category.

    Sultan of Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah is expected to give away the awards to the winners.

    The nominees

    Sportsman: Alex Liew (bowling); R. Loganeshaa Rao (karate); Mohd Rizal Tisin (cycling); Muhamad Azwan Shuhaimi (lawn bowls).

    Sportswoman: Katrina Ann Abdul Hadi (synchronised swimming); Noor Zafirah Mohd Noor (lawn bowls); Zandra Aziela Ibrahim Hakimi (bowling); Syakila Salni Jefry Krisnan (karate).

    Promising Sportsman: Foo Dunley (table tennis); Colin Wong Wei Ming (tennis); Malek Marcus Mccrone (cycling); P. Kumaravel (kabaddi)

    Promising Sportswoman: Natasha Mohamed Roslan (bowling); Farina Syawati Mohd Adnan (cycling); Lee Rou You (table tennis)

    Best Coach (man): Shamsuddin Mohd Sharif (beach volleyball); Mahazir Hamad (cycling); Lew Kok Wah (fencing)

    Best Coach (woman): K. Sarweswari (kabaddi); Vivien Chen Wei Wen (fencing); Shalin Zulkifli (bowling)


    The Star Online: Lifestyle: Arts & Fashion

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    The Star Online: Lifestyle: Arts & Fashion

    Salabianca's beautiful hand-beaded creations

    Posted: 03 Dec 2012 07:22 AM PST

    Since its inception, Salabianca has prided itself on being an 'embellishment establishment', offering beautiful hand-beaded creations.

    IN Salabianca's head office in Ampang, Selangor, a group of women are sitting around a work table. They are painstakingly hand-stitching beads of various shapes and sizes onto garments.

    The women are engrossed in their work, calculating the number of beads to correspond to the patterns on a sample. Beading is a laborious and tedious process. Observe them for a few minutes and you get an idea of how long it takes to embellish a piece of garment.

    According to the brand founders Tino Soon and Allan Chan, one of Salabianca's key looks is craft. By offering hand-beaded and embellished pieces, they are offering exclusivity.

    "Craft and handiwork gives fashion a sense of preciousness. It's a guaranteed exclusivity," says Chan. "It's our reaction to the mass-produced high-street stuff."

    Chan adds that adapting old-school handmade or hand-beaded methods for a "three dimensional effect" makes fashion special. "In our age of Facebook and Twitter, we are all part of a group. So choosing something individually different allows us to step out of that group and express ourselves, and that's what fashion should be all about.

    "Salabianca's items are put together by artisans ... it's our commitment to keep alive the traditional art of artisanal handiwork and craft as well as support the livelihood of these artisans," muses Chan.

    Salabianca, which prides itself as an "embellishment establishment", has always been about intricate detailing since it started in 1995. But the trade is facing imminent extinction as it is not easy getting people to do beadwork.

    "The group of women at our Ampang office are from Vietnam and they were trained to sew beads upon their arrival here," explains Soon, who adds that young Malaysians are simply not interested.

    "They want jobs that are easy and will make them quick money. It's all about short-term gain and they fail to realise that this is a skill that they can hone," he adds.

    "It is hard to find people to do beadwork these days. It's time-consuming and taxing on the eyes. And you play with different materials like sequins, beads, stones and laser-cut flowers."

    It takes 10 to 14 days for a garment to be beaded. One particularly challenging dress took 240 hours to be beaded, says Soon. Since most of the women who have beading skills are older, with families and children, Salabianca hires them on a project basis. Fifty women – mostly housewives – in the Ampang neighbourhood currently bead for the brand.

    "We send the samples with the beads (different types, all calculated and packed in plastic bags) so they can work from home. They can supplement their income and we can get the embellishments done. It's a win-win situation," says Soon.

    The fact that beading, embroidery and sewing no longer interest young women is obvious.

    The rise of fast fashion where clothes are produced in massive quantities in factories, mostly in China or Vietnam, plays a role in the demise of these craft.

    "When we started in 1995, we knew a woman in Banting who could bead. She still works for us from home. Her husband picks up the clothes and sends them back once they are completed," says Soon. But he is hard-pressed to find new beaders.

    "The art is really dying. Even our seamstresses are getting older and we don't have younger ones."

    While the trade is seen as "unglamorous" here, beading and embroidery is perceived as an exclusive art in the West, especially Europe.

    The haute couture industry depends on these skills to produce exquisite clothes. So rare is this trade that French luxury house Chanel, years ago, bought over different companies specialising in embroidery, beading and feather work to ensure a supply of these craftsmen.

    These companies are allowed to work for other labels, a sign that there are not enough craftsmen to serve the high fashion industry.

    Therefore, Salabianca hopes that local seamstresses, embroiderers and beaders are accorded the same respect.

    "It is a learned skill. You can buy a blouse or a skirt, but to get a garment hand–beaded with a vast combination of beads is not easy."

    As beading is a slow process, delivery cannot move as fast for Salabianca. From making a sample to getting the stocks in the stores, the process can sometimes take up to nine months.

    "I think, in the end, we only have ourselves to blame when traditional crafts die. We want things cheap and fast," says Chan.

    But Salabianca is not backing down. Instead of paring down its beads, it is sticking to its guns to produce what it calls complete garments – clothes that are beaded front and back.

    "I cannot accept it when the beadwork is focused only on the front of the clothes," claims Soon, "It's a big no-no!

    "We would like to be different. There is no thought, intelligence and challenge if everyone looks and thinks the same way," concludes Soon.

    Salabianca's embellished T-shirts cost between RM88 and RM118, while dresses are priced from RM138 to RM838, all available at Salabianca and G.P.S. stores.

    Handy tips

    Salabianca offers some tips on how to protect beaded garments:

    > While the beads used are treated before sewing so that the colours won't run on the fabric, dry cleaning chemicals may damage them.

    > When you can, hand-wash instead of dry clean.

    > Tell the cleaner to turn the garment inside-out before dry cleaning.

    > Don't send garments for dry cleaning too often.

    To eliminate the smell of worn clothes, steam them in the bathroom by running hot water.

    Let the clothes soak in the steam and then air the clothes in the sun.


    The Star Online: Metro: South & East

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    The Star Online: Metro: South & East

    Mega book fair a hit among the young and old

    Posted: 02 Dec 2012 07:37 PM PST

    JOHOR BARU: The reading culture is definitely going strong in Johor Baru as visitors even showed up an hour before the doors open at the Popular mega book fair here to get their hand on the bargains.

    Thousands that thronged the fair were spoilt for choice with a large selection of books, stationery, and music and multimedia products at up to 70% discount.

    While visitors filled their baskets with purchases, kids could be seen sitting beside the display shelves with a book in their hands.

    For English teacher Sobia Wasi, 35, the book fair is a yearly affair as she could spend more than five hours exploring the shelves and shelves of books.

    "We look forward to the book fair every year because I just love reading and so do my husband and three children.

    "I even tell my kids to save their pocket money so that they can use it to buy books that they want as a way to train them to manage their spending at the same time," she said.

    Sobia added that she filled up her shopping basket with books from her favourite authors including Tom Clancy and Jeffrey Archer.

    Father-of-two Phi Huh Chooh, 35, said that he was surprised at the crown turnout this year.

    "I went to the fair in the morning on the first day and the hall was already packed compared to last year.

    "But that did not deter me to take the opportunity to buy story books for my sons to encourage them to read more," said the carpenter.

    Meanwhile, Popular senior business development manager Siew Sheue Liang said that more than 80 activities were lined up for the 13-day fair.

    "There will be talks and book signings by local and international authors, cooking demonstrations by celebrity chefs and nutritionists to keep visitors entertained while browsing the books," he said.

    Siew added that shoppers also could redeem a free gift when they bring their own shopping bag to the fair in conjunction with its Go Green campaign.

    Clearing clogged drains for flood control

    Posted: 02 Dec 2012 07:32 PM PST

    BATU PAHAT: Batu Pahat Municipal Council is gearing up for flood prevention works this monsoon season.

    Councillor Kang Beng Kuan said nine flood control projects in the town area started in August and are 90% completed.

    The Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak approved the implementation of the projects cost a total of RM2.6mil during his official visit to the district in early April.

    Kang said projects consisting of repair and upgrade of drains as well as clearing of clogged waterways.

    "Except for drain works near Jalan Rahmat and Jalan Penggaram being delayed due to technical problems and rain, other projects in other areas such as Jalan Sultanah, Jalan Zaharah, Jalan Shahbandar, Jalan Omar and Jalan Abu Bakar are almost completed," he said after the full board council meeting here recently.

    Meanwhile, councilor Abdullah Ishak said flash flood in Taman Nira and Taman Batu Pahat located near the Batu Pahat River between Nov 14 and Nov 16 occurred due to high tides coincided with heavy rains.

    "Those areas are lying areas, between 1.1m to 2.4m, while the river water level was at 3.2m," he said.

    Kang added that the Drainage and Irrigation Department forecast that the high tide might reach 3.2m between Dec 13 and Dec 16; and urged residents to take precaution.

    "All the watergates to control water flow during high tide were still working well, however, flash floods may still occur if there is rapid movement of large volume of water from rain and high tide," he added.

    Tax arrears promotion

    Posted: 02 Dec 2012 07:20 PM PST

    BATU PAHAT: Property owners owing the Batu Pahat Municipal Council property tax arrears have been urged to settle it together with the current tax.

    Councillor Tan Hwe Chin said property owners, consisting of the type of housing, trade, industry or cultivation, should also ensure ownership transfer is done following a buy-sell transaction or as a result of property inheritance.

    "Those who fail to do the necessary ownership transfer may be slapped with a hefty bill of RM2,000," she said after the council's full board meeting here recently.

    To encourage the payment of arrears on property tax and complete ownership transfer, Tan said the council is having a campaign by giving out five iPads and gifts to those who settled early.

    "Bring along your red colour property tax claim bill for payment and you will stand a chance to win theiPads," she said, adding that the campaign is expected to end in Feb 28 next year.

    Tan added that the property tax claim bill would be delivered to all owners through post and payment could be made at the council office or online.

    The first 10,000 payees at the council's counter would walk away with a gift, she said.

    "All ownership transfer application must be done before March 1 next year," she added.

    For more information, contact 07-4334641, 07-4341427, 07-4341628, 07-4341217 or visit the council's website at


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