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The Star Online: Nation

Difficult for traders to overcharge once GST implemented

Posted: 28 May 2014 07:30 AM PDT

KUALA LUMPUR: The Goods and Services Tax, which will be implemented on April 1 next year, will make it difficult for unscrupulous traders to overcharge consumers.

Royal Malaysian Customs Department internal tax division director Datuk Subromaniam Tholasy said the GST improves the structural defects in the current sales tax system and helps ensure that consumers do not pay for any "hidden tax".

The current sales tax system, he explained, had a cascading effect on consumers.

"We are currently trapped under the old system as unscrupulous traders can take advantage by increasing their prices unfairly although the sales tax is imposed at the manufacturer's level.

"The GST is collected in piece meal from one stage to another. What you pay is the value-added tax.

"Unscrupulous traders can no longer take the cost of tax as the cost of goods. The prices will become more transparent and in the long run, more

stable," he said at a public forum entitled "Why GST?" organised by Universiti Malaya's International Institute of Public Policy and Management (Inpuma) here, Wednesday.

He said under the GST, consumers would not bear the cost of any "hidden tax" as the profit margin at each level from manufacturer right down to retailer would be known.

"Under the net Ringgit margin rule, the profit margin before and after the GST should not change. That will basically cap any profiteering exercise by these unscrupulous traders.

"It is easier to enforce the Anti-Profiteering Act under the GST environment as we know the margin at each level," he added.

The list of items taxable under GST, Subromaniam said, would be released as a "Shoppers Guide" three months before and three months after its implementation.

"If it is released too early, it might not reflect the actual basic price of the goods as the production cost might have changed before that period," he said, adding that the list would include popular consumer items.

Basic food and essential sectors such as public transport, health, housing and education are exempted from the GST.

The GST, he said, was a progressive tax where the burden on the lower income group was much lower than the higher income group.

Meet the people over Kidex, Wan Azizah tells Khalid

Posted: 28 May 2014 05:58 AM PDT

KAJANG: PKR president Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail wants Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim to meet residents affected by the Kinrara-Damansara Expressway (Kidex) project.

"That's how it should be. The affected ones should be given a chance for a hearing," she told reporters at Kajang PKR service centre, on Wednesday.

Dr Wan Azizah, who is also Kajang assemblyman, acknowledged that there were concerns from the people who opposed the RM2.42bil project, and said that the Selangor mentri besar had yet to brief state lawmakers over the matter.

Kidex is a 14.9km elevated superhighway which aims to reduce travelling time between Damansara and Kinrara by 25 per cent.

When asked whether Khalid's support for the the  project was against Pakatan Rakyat's general elections 2013 manifesto to abolish tolled highways, Dr Wan Azizah said the project was approved "before Pakatan came into Selangor".

"The decision was made before Pakatan came to Selangor, but of course we want to hold on to our (election) promises," she said.

The approval of the project was in fact granted by the Khalid administration in 2012, four years after Pakatan first took over the state from Barisan Nasional.

Dr Wan Azizah however refused to comment further saying she needed more information on the impact of the project.

New Sultan of Perak to be proclaimed tomorrow

Posted: 28 May 2014 05:09 AM PDT

IPOH: The appointment and proclamation of the new Sultan of Perak will be made at the Balairong Seri (Throne Room) of the Istana Iskandariah in Kuala Kangsar Thursday evening, said Dewan Negara Perak secretary Datuk Ayob Hashim.

He said the ceremony would be held before the remains of the late Sultan Azlan Shah were laid to rest.

Sultan Azlan Shah passed away at 1.30 pm Wednesday at the National Heart Institute (IJN) in Kuala Lumpur. His Royal Highness was 86.

Ayob also said that a special meeting of the Dewan Negara Perak would be held late Wednesday evening to determine the successor of Sultan Azlan Shah.

Orang Kaya Bendahara Seri Maharaja Gen (Rtd) Tan Sri Mohd Zahidi Zainuddin will chair the meeting at the Istana Iskandariah, he said.

The special meeting is convened in accordance with a provision in the Perak Constitution which states that the Perak Royal council must convene in Kuala Kangsar within 24 hours of the demise of a reigning monarch.

Ayob said the appointment and proclamation of the new sultan would take place after the dignitaries and the public had paid their last respects to the late sultan.

The remains of Sultan Azlan Shah will be laid to rest at the royal mausoleum in Kuala Kangsar on Thursday after the 'Asar' prayers in the late afternoon. – Bernama
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