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The Star eCentral: Movie Buzz

‘Godfather’ cinematographer Gordon Willis dies

Posted: 19 May 2014 03:05 AM PDT

The iconic cinematographer is known for his ground-breaking work with Francis Ford Coppola.

Gordon Willis, the cinematographer who worked on director Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather film series, has passed away. He was 82.

Willis was well respected in the film world for his work and has cast his magic on many of Hollywood's top films including Woody Allen's Annie Hall and Stardust Memories, Alan J. Pakula's All The President's Men and Klute, as well as Herbert Ross' Pennies From Heaven.

Born in New York in 1931, Willis made his debut as a cinematographer in 1970 with four movies. Two years later, his career received a big boost when he was chosen to work on Coppola's mafia classic and 1972's Best Picture Oscar winner, The Godfather.

Willis went on to work on the movie's two sequels, receiving an Oscar nomination for the third film in 1990. Unfortunately, Willis has never won any award for his top-billed work, although the Academy of Motion Picture, Arts and Sciences in the US did give him an honorary Lifetime Achievement award in 2009.

Willis' final work was Pakula's 1997 film The Devil's Own, which starred Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt. He retired soon after.


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