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Win the heart of Prince Harry

Posted: 01 Apr 2014 09:00 AM PDT

Fox network has approached a dozen women with an opportunity to fulfil their childhood dream of becoming a princess. In the reality series I Wanna Marry Harry, the happy few will set out to win the heart of one of the world's most famous celebrities, Prince Harry. Or so they think.

Scheduled to premiere on May 27 in the United States, the show will follow 12 American women who are flown to Britain to join his royal highness in a majestic castle in Englefield, Berkshire. Over the course of several weeks, the contestants will try to get to know the real Harry, seduce him and, if possible, convince him to walk down the aisle.

At any rate, this is the story Fox told the young women when they boarded the show, which was filmed last summer – in the utmost secrecy – under the working title Dream Date.

In reality, the contestants will meet Matthew Hicks, a Prince Harry lookalike.

Only at the very end of the series will the young women learn the truth. The setup calls to mind that of Joe Millionaire, in which participants competed for the affection of an ordinary blue-collar guy they were told was a multi-millionaire.

Aired in 2003, the finale of the reality show was watched by 34.6 million viewers. Will Fox be able to pull of the same feat over a decade later? – AFP Relaxnews


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