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Girl power in the new era is just as awesome as it used to be

Posted: 17 Apr 2014 12:55 AM PDT

Today's girl bands will remind you what girl power is all about.

The 1990s brought about a string of musical girl groups that embodied girl power. From TLC, En Vogue and Destiny's Child to Spice Girls and All Saints, these ladies exuded confidence, independence and femininity whether it's through their music, their appearances or their demeanour.

Their observations on life – though usually candid – were not only relatable but inspiring, too, especially to younger fans who aspire to be like them.

Fortunately, many of today's girl groups feature the same qualities (some even take things up a notch or two) as their predecessors. Here are some of these new-era girl groups that everyone is talking about these days.


Don't ever make the mistake of calling Haim - an all-female instrument-playing rock band- as a girl band.

Sisters Este (28), Danielle (25) and Alana (23) make up the girl band Haim (pssst, apparently they think it's an 'insult' to call them a girl band.). Formed in 2006, when Alana was only 15, the trio only managed to release its debut album Days Are Gone last year. The sisters have been compared to Fleetwood Mac for their folk-rock and Americana sensibilities.

Crayon Pop

With over 15 million views and counting on their Bar Bar Bar music video, Crayon Pop can also count Lady Gaga as one of their biggest fans.

There are probably hundreds of K-pop girl bands in the market today, but only one can lay claim as Lady Gaga's opening act. The five-member group is set to open for Gaga once her new tour kicks off in June. Crayon Pop's kitschy performances has made it the talk of the town; it was also what caught Gaga's eye. Crayon Pop's video Bar Bar Bar which features the girls dancing in scooter helmets and posing like superheroes, has over 16 million views on YouTube.

The Impatient Sisters

Fans have to wait a little longer for local indie folk-pop darlings The Impatient Sisters to release an album.

Sisters Soraya, Irena and Nazeera Taib from Kuantan, Pahang formed The Impatient Sistersa few years back. Famed for their soothing harmonies, the folk-pop trio is a popular feature at music festivals in Malaysia and around the region. Armed with xylophones and kazoos as instruments, the trio is also noted for dreamy performances of songs like Comet And Stars, The Ark and Nadi Kota.

Twelve Girls Band

Twelve Girls Band are literally 12 girls in band who plays various traditional music instruments.

Formed in 2001, this Chinese girl group has 12 members (well, duh) who were all selected from an audition attended by more than 4,000 contestants. To be a part of the Twelve Girls Band, members have to be well-versed in traditional Chinese instruments like erhu, guzheng and pipa. In 2004, Twelve Girls Band released its debut album Eastern Energy, that contains a classical cover of Coldplay's Clocks and Only Time by Enya.

Apple Girls Band

Who needs a guitar? Apple Girls Band from Thailand make beautiful music with gadgets like iPad and iPhone.

Formed in 2011, Apple Girls Band is a quintet from Thailand who perform with Apple products like the iPhone, iPad and even iPod. Naysayers say these girls are not an actual band because they don't play any instruments. However, band member Pac once stated that they can actually play musical instruments, they just chose not to. Apple Girls Band's music is highly infectious thanks to its whimsical cheerful tunes.

Pearls Negras

Pearls Negras are looking to put Brazilian baile funk music on the map.

You just know that your career is going somewhere when Rolling Stone magazine lists you as one of its new artistes of the month. The trio from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil consists of 17-year-old Alice Coelho, Mariana Alves and Jennifer Loiola, who are both 16. With the single Pensando Em Voce (Thinking of You), the girls are looking to put their unique blend of upbeat baile funk music on the map. 

Before you dismiss them as another 15-minute pop music sensation, you should know that the girls aspire to give a voice to Rio's disaffected youth. Pearls Negras also showcased their social consciousness through gritty rap song Mr President.

Lana Del Rey launches new single called 'West Coast'

Posted: 14 Apr 2014 10:05 PM PDT

The 'emo-est' of all emo singers reveals a new track from her upcoming album.

Lana Del Rey has revealed her latest single, West Coast, after performing it at this weekend's Coachella festival. The track appears to be the first from her upcoming album, Ultraviolence, produced by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys.

After contributing the track Young And Beautiful to last year's Great Gatsby soundtrack, releasing the short film Tropico earlier this year and covering Once Upon A Dream for the film Maleficent, Del Rey has just revealed the first taste of her next album.

The new track, which she first performed at a Las Vegas concert on April 11, is now streaming and will be available for purchase on iTunes starting today.

A release date has yet to be announced for Ultraviolence, which follows 2012's Born To Die. — AFP Relaxnews


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