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The Star eCentral: Movie Reviews

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The Star eCentral: Movie Reviews

'Star Wars VII' will be shot in Abu Dhabi next month

Posted: 11 Apr 2014 07:45 PM PDT

The highly-anticipated movie will be released in December 2015.

Abu Dhabi has been chosen as one of the shooting locations for Star Wars: Episode VII, the upcoming film in the series created by George Lucas, said Hollywood Reporter.

The cast and crew of Star Wars: Episode VII will head to the desert in May to film scenes set on Tatooine. The desert planet is home to Anakin and Luke Skywalker, the protagonists of the 1977 and 2005 films respectively.

Disney reportedly chose Abu Dhabi for security reasons, preferring to steer clear of possible political unrest in North Africa. In the past, scenes on the Skywalkers' home planet were filmed in Tunisia, specifically in the village of Tataouine, known for its distinctive underground dwellings.

The cast and crew are expected to spend four weeks in Abu Dhabi. The feature's primary shooting location is outside of London, on the premises of the famous Pinewood Studio.

Production is already underway on Star Wars: Episode VII, which will take place around 30 years after The Return Of The Jedi (1983). Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Peter Mayhew will return in the roles of Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Chewbacca. Adam Driver (Girls) is slated to play a villain. The rest of the cast remains a closely guarded secret.

Star Wars: Episode VII will arrive in theatres worldwide in December 2015. The release of the film will mark the first in a new series of projects based on the Star Wars franchise, which Disney acquired in fall 2012. — AFP Relaxnews

Penelope Cruz is now a Bond girl frontrunner

Posted: 11 Apr 2014 07:55 PM PDT

The Spanish actress' name is included in the latest James Bond film update.

The star of Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Volver, Penelope Cruz, could be in line for a prominent role in the 24th Bond film, due 2015, according to a schedule update issued by Sony Picture.

Named alongside Daniel Craig, Ralph Fiennes and Naomie Harris, Cruz was the surprise fourth headline star named as part of Sony's release calendar update, as spotted by French magazine Premiere.

With her husband Javier Bardem having taken part in Skyfall, there's already a family connection to the Bond franchise. Cruz also demonstrated that mainstream blockbuster success wasn't off her list, co-starring with Johnny Depp in Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides in 2011; earlier, she had appeared alongside Ralph Fiennes in 2006 drama Chromophobia. — AFP Relaxnews

'Star Trek' concert tour pairs films with orchestra

Posted: 10 Apr 2014 07:55 PM PDT

Fans can watch J.J. Abrams' reboot of the films on the big screen accompanied by live music.

Fans of Star Trek will soon be able to follow the adventures of the crew of the USS Enterprise in their favourite films as the popular franchise goes where it has never gone before, with       screenings accompanied by a symphony orchestra.

Director J.J. Abrams' 2009 reboot of Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness will be shown on the big screen in high definition accompanied by live music.

"The events will celebrate the extraordinary collaboration between film and music as Michael Giacchino's scores are brought to life on stage," organisers said in a statement.

The Star Trek: Live In Concert tour will begin with two performances in Lucerne, Switzerland next month followed by three more in London before moving to Houston, San Diego and Philadelphia in the United States in July, and Toronto, Canada in March next year. No word on whether it will come to Asia yet.

Viacom's Paramount Pictures, CBS Consumer Products , 21st Century Symphony Orchestra and others are launching the tour. — Reuters


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