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Olivia Wilde joins Scorsese and Jagger's TV series

Posted: 12 Mar 2014 09:45 PM PDT

The American actress has landed a role in the potential rock 'n' roll series, which has been in development since 2010.

Olivia Wilde is set to join an untitled series by Martin Scorsese, who will direct and produce alongside Mick Jagger. The show focuses on Richie Finestra, a record executive seeking fresh talent and a new sound to revive his New York label. The cocaine-fueled character experiences an exciting time in the music industry, starting in 1977, when disco is taking off and punk and hip hop are beginning to emerge.

Olivia Wilde will play Devon Finestra, a former actress and model who is Richie's wife. Facing pressure at home due to her husband's creative crisis, she begins to reimmerse herself in the Bohemian lifestyle she lived during the 1960s.

The actress, who played Dr Thirteen on House M.D. from 2007 to 2011, will be joined on the set by Bobby Cannavale, who joined the project last June in the title role.

Wilde's arrival could accelerate development on the project, which has been gestating for quite some time. indicates that the pilot may be shot as early as this summer, although HBO has yet to make a commitment for this initial episode. — AFP Relaxnews


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