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The Star Online: Entertainment: Music

Smashing Pumpkins to release albums next year

Posted: 26 Mar 2014 07:50 PM PDT

The rock band plans to release not one but two new albums in 2015.

Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan announced that the band will release two albums next year, titled Monuments To An Elegy and Day For Night. A single is due by the end of 2014.

Recording sessions began on Tuesday, said Corgan, with many songs already written. Production is being handled by Howard Willing, who worked with the band on the sessions for 1998 album Adore.

Corgan said of the new music: "For those interested in sound, think: 'guitars, guitars, guitars, and more guitars', but more so on the epic side of things than say, grossly metallic."

The announcement was posted on, with Corgan calling it "the initial post on a new nexus: The Panopticon", where "items regarding each day's recording will be shared that same evening, with song titles, lyrics, poetic impressions, pictures, sound clips, studio gear and the like offered for a circuitous, bird's eye view of the process as it unfolds."

The Smashing Pumpkins' most recent album was 2012's Oceania. The same year the band reissued its classic 1995 album Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness. — AFP Relaxnews

Kylie Minogue unveils her super hot music video, 'Sexercize'

Posted: 20 Mar 2014 01:42 AM PDT

The sexy singer also launched a website to go with the new single, as well as the latest album, Kiss Me Once

Australian star Kylie Minogue has been teasing fans all week with clips and trailers of her newest single, Sexercize, which is taken from her album Kiss Me Once, released on Wednesday.  

Yesterday, a "VFILES and Cody Critcheloe" Sexercize clip was released and it features a group of "big, hunky undewear" male models auditioning to be in Minogue's video. The clip is pretty hot, but it's nothing compared to the official video for Sexercize which was finally unveilved earlier this morning. 

The video is raunchy as hell and sees Minogue – looking sexy as always – and four other women clad in white leotards and glossy red heels, "exercising". The women are seen writhing on the floor, against a wall and on a pommel horse, as well as bouncing suggestively on gym balls. 

There are also scenes where the women start to sweat (because, you know, they're exercising) and their clothes get all wet; it may just make even the most open-minded among us, blush a little. Definitely not one for the faint-hearted. 

The videos all lead up to the launch of Minogue's new website called The site offers more video clips which are described as "different interpretations" of Sexercize, a list of horoscope readings and more.

Kylie Minogue's website. 

Hong Kong singer GEM finds stardom a double-edged sword

Posted: 24 Mar 2014 09:00 AM PDT

Hong Kong's GEM could win China's hit TV singing competition 'I Am a Singer 2'. But along 6.5 million new fans comes one very public breakup.

Growing up, Hong Kong child GEM never imagined she would become a professional singer. "I had hoped to pursue a music career, maybe become a piano teacher," says the breakout star of China's hit reality TV show, I Am a Singer 2. "I never thought of being a singer because it was such a distant dream."

But the 22-year-old has not only found stardom in music, she's also being hailed as the frontrunner of the highly-rated singing competition. GEM, which stands for Get Everybody Moving, has been winning over audiences and their votes to stay ahead in the show. She's already won four consecutive episodes – each week's winner is determined by the 500-plus studio audience – most recently with a cover of Fallin'  by Alicia Keys. 

GEM's popularity has skyrocketed since appearing on the show. Her Internet fan page jumped from having 1.5 million followers to 8 million, and her fame has sparked a rumour that Hong Kong superstar Sandy Lam will only join I Am a Singer if GEM is eliminated. Other singers in the competition now include Malaysia's Shila Amzah, China's Zhou Bichang and Taiwan's Phil Chang. The finale is on April 4.

"I was shocked by the explosive increase in the number of fans on my Weibo after the programme aired," says GEM, whose real name is Gloria Tang. "I was moved by the supportive messages left by the fans. It gives me the motivation to work hard and improve myself, so as not to disappoint them."

GEM was already famous in Hong Kong even before I Am a Singer 2. Making her showbiz debut at 15, she then became the youngest artist to perform at the Hong Kong Coliseum, a coveted concert venue for Mandopop and Cantopop singers, when she was 19. But she has also since discovered the price the fame – the loss of a private life.

Along with I Am a Singer 2 came greater media and public scrutiny of her personal affairs. Her breakup with Taiwanese singer Yoga Lin sent her manager into crisis management mode, as he labelled Lin "irresponsible" and painted his client as the real victim of the split. GEM prefers to leave questions about her love life unanswered.

"There were times when I felt like giving up," she recalls. "I wanted only to make music. I felt it was such a pain to have to deal with public scrutiny and gossip. I felt frustrated and discouraged. But I simply love music too much to give it up."

So who is her biggest contender on the show? It's herself, she says. "Every week I have to prepare for a performance; I'm always thinking how I can bring something refreshing and surprising to the stage. I want to have a breakthrough. That, to me, is the hardest part of being on the show." – The Straits Times, Singapore/Asia News Network.


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