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Paul Bettany strengthens'The Avengers' as Vision

Posted: 07 Feb 2014 06:05 PM PST

Actor has already lent voice to JARVIS in Iron Man trilogy.

BRITISH actor Paul Bettany will lend his face to that of The Vision in Marvel's spring 2015 blockbuster Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Bettany finds a place in the superhero line-up by playing the solar-powered android, says Variety.

Up until now, the 42-year-old actor had merely lent his voice to JARVIS, Tony Stark's digital assistant in the Iron Man trilogy and the first of the Avengers films.

Less known than Captain America or Thor, The Vision actually started out as a villain in the Marvel universe before being redesigned and fighting for good.

The character will cross swords with another robotic combatant, Ultron, the film's main antagonist as voiced by James Spader.

Joss Whedon, director of the first Avengers, is also in the chair for The Avengers: Age of Ultron from March.

Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Hawk-Eye and Black Widow will unite to face off the threat of a new world order, aided by the twins Quicksilver and The Scarlet Witch, played by fellow newcomers to the fold, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen. – AFP Relaxnews


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