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The Star Online: Nation

Family's CNY plans take a sad turn

Posted: 15 Jan 2014 08:00 AM PST

GEORGE TOWN: All odd-job worker Tan Ah Choo wishes for this Chinese New Year is for her leukaemia-stricken daughter to be home for the family's reunion dinner.

Her daughter Josephine Loh Zie San, 18, is being treated at the Penang Hospital.

The 53-year-old said she was still in shock as the doctor had just told them of her condition on Tuesday.

"Zie San left school after her PMR to help me with my part-time catering business as my 64-year-old husband is a diabetes patient," said Tan.

"My heart is in pain just thinking about what she is going through."

Tan said her daughter's symptoms started showing about three weeks ago when she complained of a sore throat caused by swollen tonsils.

"Last week, she started to have a pox-like growth on her upper lip. We thought it was just a pimple. But she started to develop a fever and fainted the next day," Tan said.

Zie San was rushed to the Penang Hospital on Sunday.

The former SMJK Sacred Heart student said she did not feel "too sad" when told she had leukaemia.

"I don't care what disease it is as I will face it positively. I will beat it."

Despite the bruises on her hands due to the frequent blood transfusions, she said she would "take the disease head on".

"If I looked at it negatively, I think the leukaemia would 'win' over me.

"The doctors said I have to be hospitalised for a year and cannot be home for the Chinese New Year due to my weak immune system. I'm hoping for a miracle," she said.

Anyone wishing to donate blood to Zie San can go to the blood bank at the Penang Hospital and mention Zie San's name.

Forces cautious after shootout with Sulu invaders

Posted: 15 Jan 2014 08:00 AM PST

KOTA KINABALU: Malaysian security forces were very cautious after the shootout with the Sulu intruders in March 1 last year, the High Court heard.

VAT 69 commando Supt Mancha Laga said that this was one of the reasons why the security forces did not immediately search the houses within Kampung Tanduo, where they were involved in a one-hour gunbattle with the armed intruders.

He told judge Justice Stephen Chung that they had waited for several days before searching the houses in the area.

He believed that the gunmen were well-prepared and had stationed snipers around the area, which resulted in the death of one of his men Kopl Sabaruddin Daud (he had since been posthumously promoted to sergeant) and the injury of several other security members.

"We did not search the skirmish ground or the houses near the location so soon, as I feared that we would become an easy target for the gunmen if we did so," he said.

Supt Mancha said he had headed the second of five teams assigned to cover the five locations around Kampung Tanduo in February and March last year.

"When the armed intruders started firing at us after giving a warning, we had to take cover and retaliate," he said, adding that the shootout had lasted for about an hour before the intruders started retreating.

"However, they (armed intruders) continued firing while they retreated to find cover," he added.

He said he and his teams were on alert after the shooting ended as they believed that armed men might still be lingering around waiting to attack.

Later in the trial, he also identified a bag which was found at the skirmish location on March 1.

Supt Mancha was the third witness to testify in the trial of 30 people involved in the intrusion into Lahad Datu in Feb 12, 2013, at a hall designated as an open courtroom in the State Prison Complex at Kepayan here.

All the accused are represented by Kuala Lumpur-based lawyer Datuk N. Sivanathan, Kamaruddin Mohmad Chinki, Rowiena Rashid and Abdul Gani Zulika.

Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail led the prosecution team with four others.

Najib hits back at kangkung critics

Posted: 16 Jan 2014 10:51 AM PST

KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said he used kangkung (water spinach) to explain the principle of supply and demand because it was a popular vegetable.

"I like to eat kangkung, you all like to eat kangkung. As such, I gave an example which everybody eats. If I use quail as an example, only certain people eat it," he said.

"The example should not be ridiculed by anybody because I gave the example on the principle of supply and demand which decide the prices of some of the food commodities which are not subject to price controls," he said.

Najib also drew attention that the vegetable was only one example of food items used by the public.

The Prime Minister also said he had ordered the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry (KPDNKK) to be more firm against traders who arbitrarily raise prices of goods.

Najib said this was to ensure traders were more ethical in carrying out their commercial activities and at the same time help the people.

"I have ordered the ministry to use existing laws against any trader who announce prices or charges which are too high merely to get more profit (profiteering).

"This is one way how we can help reduce the prices for consumers, particularly prices hiked up by unethical traders out to take advantage of the current situation," he said at a 'Dinner with the Prime Minister' organised by the Malaysian Indian Muslim Congress here Thursday night.

He also urged consumers to be more proactive by reporting to the authorities if they detected traders who deliberately raised prices of goods.

Apart from this, Najib said he and his deputy Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin themselves would go down to the ground to check on prices of goods more closely.

According to Najib, he would also take the opportunity to promote shops offering reasonable prices to the people.

"And we will advertise or inform all parties that these are the shops that should be frequented by the public," he said. - Bernama


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