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The Star Online: Metro: Sunday Metro

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The Star Online: Metro: Sunday Metro

More workers back in Little India

Posted: 06 Jan 2014 08:00 AM PST

BUOYED by payday in the first week of the month, many foreign workers made their way to Little India to shop and remit money home.

Snaking queues were seen at ATMs in the evening, while some businesses cautiously reported increased takings compared with last Sunday – though still nowhere near the levels before the Dec 8 riot.

But shopkeepers selling alcohol said sales remained slow after police banned the consumption of alcohol in public places in Little India during holidays following the riot.

Subramanian, 33, a cashier at a diner along Campbell Lane, said business was "slightly better" but that many workers were still staying put in dormitories on their weekly day off. — The Straits Times / Asia News Network

Man admits to BDSM acts with teen

Posted: 06 Jan 2014 08:00 AM PST

A former telco advertising director admitted to two charges of underage sex with a teen who allowed him to take sexually explicit photographs of her.

The pair engaged in "bondage and discipline, dominance and submission sadism and masochism'' acts or BDSM in short, the court heard.

Kwek Chuan Shan, 35, was an employee of StarHub, when he had underage sex with the girl on seven occasions in November 2012.

The girl, who was 15 at the time, created an account on a dating social networking website in mid-2012 and chanced upon Kwek's profile in October that year.

He openly stated that he engaged in BDSM and that he was looking for a "submissive''.

The court heard that the girl initiated contact with him, and within a week of befriending one another, she went to his flat in Redhill Close.

While there, she agreed to let Kwek take photos of her while engaging in such acts after he assured her that he would not circulate them.

Kwek also had protected sex with her.

They met again on Nov 27 that year and she had oral sex with him.

When she left the flat, she received the sexually explicit photographs of herself that he had taken earlier.

The incidents came to light after a church friend informed the minor's father that he had received sexually explicit photographs of her. A police report was made on Dec 5 that year.

District Judge Low Wee Ping adjourned the case to Jan 21. The maximum punishment is 10 years' jail and a fine on each charge. — The Straits Times / Asia News Network

Serial rapist gets 20 years jail for sexual assault

Posted: 06 Jan 2014 08:00 AM PST

Undeterred that he had spent almost half his life behind bars already, a man risked a five-floor drop to climb through a bedroom window and try to force himself on a woman who had spurned his advances.

On Monday, Razali Osman, 43, was sent to jail for 20 years and ordered to be caned 24 strokes for sexual assault, attempted aggravated rape and housebreaking.

Razali was last sent to jail in 1993 for raping three women. — The Straits Times / Asia News Network


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