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The Star Online: Lifestyle: Parenting

DIY scrubbing toy made of sponge

Posted: 02 Jan 2014 08:00 AM PST

Get kids to clean up after themselves with a DIY scrubbing toy.

IT'S the New Year and it's spring-cleaning time! Instead of doing all the dusting and scrubbing, why not recruit some tiny hands to help out?

To entice a restless child into becoming mummy's little helper, try making him or her a personalised scrubber's toy set. In the tutorial below, we share how you can turn boring sponge slices into cute sponge critters, if only to convince the kids "clean-up time" is just another fun activity for the family.

Keep the harder sewing bits to yourself; the kids can help with making the simple sponge strip balls, and dream up funny animal characters while they're at it. Once they're hooked on the job, have them give their plastic toys a good scrubbing or help with washing the dinner plates.

But if your child isn't too taken by the spick and span methodology, fret not – just save the sponge critters for a sunny day outdoor, where they make for great water balloon replacements. So sponge away!

Sponge critter

Skill level: Easy                     
Time required:
15 minutes               
Stuff you'll need:
Colourful cellulose sponge (two pieces per critter), scissors, elastic bands, darning needle and embroidery floss in black and pink.

1. Pick out two sponges in different colours. Cut out four thin strips from each piece. Set aside the excess for use later.

2. Stack the strips in groups of four, in alternating colours.

3. Grab hold of the strips across the centre.

4. Secure with an elastic band. Set aside.

5. Retrieve one of the remaining sponge pieces. Cut it into the shape of a cute animal head – we choose a frog for ours.

6. With your darning needle and embroidery floss, sew on the facial features with small backstitches. Knot the ends at the back of the piece – it's OK even if it's a little messy. When you're done, do not snip off the thread.

7. Continue by sewing the head onto the centre of the sponge strips you made earlier. Knot off ends and cut excess thread.

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