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The Star Online: Lifestyle: Arts & Fashion

New Museum invites public to paint gallery space

Posted: 26 Dec 2013 10:20 PM PST

Visitors can paint or draw all over the gallery to their hearts' content.

Wannabe artists will get the chance to leave their mark on New York's contemporary art venue the New Museum in 2014, with the opening of an interactive exhibition.

The Manhattan art space will present the first ever US exhibition dedicated to Polish sculptor Pawel Althamer, and the show will include a blank gallery space which visitors can paint or draw all over to their hearts' content.

Pawel Althamer: The Neighbors will also feature a series of live sculptural workshops in which the artist and his collaborators will create new pieces, in order to further blur the boundaries between public and official space.

Althamer plans to interact even further with visitors and his surrounding environment by arranging for street musicians to play outside the museum throughout the exhibition and broadcasting their music throughout the third-floor gallery.

The Polish artist's most recent body of work, the Venetians, a sculpture series created for the 55th Venice Biennale, will make its US debut.

The work saw Althamer cast the faces of various individuals he encountered on the streets of the Italian city.

His videos, So-Called Waves And Other Phenomena Of The Mind, in which he explores the depths of his mind through drug use, and his work Draftsmen's Congress, originally presented at the 7th Berlin Biennale in 2012, will also be on show.

The exhibition is being held in partnership with the Polish Cultural Institute New York.

Pawel Althamer: The Neighbors will run from Feb 12 to April 13, 2014. For more information head to www.newmuseum.org. — AFP Relaxnews

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