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The Star Online: Nation

Flood situation getting worse


KUALA TERENGGANU: The number of evacuees in the flood-hit states is continuing to rise as the flood situation continues to worsen.

In Terengganu, the number of flood evacuees rose to 7,337 yesterday evening with Dungun registering the biggest increase among the districts.

Up to 4,340 people have been evacuated in Dungun, from 2,668 in the morning. The National Security Council (MKN) portal reported that Kemaman also registered an increase of over 100 evacuees to 2,472.

The number of evacuees dropped in the districts of Marang and Hulu Terengganu to 42 (from 63) in Marang and 483 (844) in Hulu Terengganu.

The portal said the floods in Besut and Setiu districts receded completely and all the evacuees were allowed to return to their homes yesterday.

Three people have been confirmed drowned in Pahang even as the number of flood evacuees began to drop.

The bodies of Pekan Umno committee member Jamali Jani, 45, and his son, Mohd Nazli, 17, were found yesterday after they went missing on Wednesday when they fell into the floodwaters in Sungai Isap.

Mohamed Alif Khalid, 21, drowned on Wednesday while fishing alone at Sungai Kampung Sepial in Kuala Tembeling, Jerantut.

A spokesman of the Pahang police flood operations room said the number of evacuees had dropped to 32,808 from 34,235 in the morning.

He said the evacuees were from eight districts, namely Kuantan, Pekan, Rompin, Maran, Jerantut, Lipis, Temerloh and Bera.

Kuantan district continues to have the highest number of evacuees, at 27,385, who are being housed at 48 relief centres.

The spokesman said Rompin district had 1,167 evacuees at 14 relief centres; Pekan, 3,218 at 18 centres; Maran, 49 at two centres; Jerantut, 472 at 11 centres; Lipis, 33 at two centres; Temerloh, 419 at five centres and Bera, 65 at five centres.

Several stretches of road remain closed, among them Jalan Sungai Lembing-Kuantan at Km28, Jalan Kuantan-Segamat at Km72, Jalan Kuantan-Rompin at Km62 and Jalan Temerloh-Bahau at Km14. —Bernama.

Boy dies after consuming poison


PETALING JAYA: A 10-year-old boy has died after he was forced to drink an insecticide-laced drink. His 31-year-old mother and 11-year-old sister also took the drink.

Kajang CID chief Deputy Supt Azry Akmar Ayob said that the woman brought her daughter to a sundry shop near her home in Bangi where she bought insecticide and some soft drinks about 9am on Monday.

"Initial investigations revealed that the woman mixed the soft drinks with the insecticide before feeding the concoction to her children at their home. She then consumed the poisonous drink," he said yesterday.

DSP Azry Akmar said that while two of her children drank the beverage, the woman's 15-year-old daughter resisted and went into her room where she contacted her boyfriend for help.

"The girl's boyfriend came to the rescue and sent all of the children to Serdang Hospital.

"However, the woman's 10-year-old son died at about 10am on Thursday despite receiving treatment," he said.

He added the boy's body was being kept at the hospital's mortuary while the sibling who survived was still being treated at the same hospital.

DSP Azry said the woman had been detained under police custody at Kajang Hospital, pending a psychiatric evaluation.

"We have yet to record a statement from her," he said.

He added that the woman might have been suffering from depression following some marital problems.

In September, the nation was shocked when a family's suicide attempt turned into a homicide case against the couple after one of their two children died.

The couple first attempted suicide on Sept 11 by burning charcoal in the master bedroom before they went to bed in their second floor apartment at Sri Manja Square, Taman Sri Sentosa, off Old Klang Road here.

When that failed, they tried again the next day. This time, their daughter died.

They kept the body in the apartment until it was discovered on Sept 18 after the girl's kindergarten teacher asked a classmate's mother to check on the girl, who had been absent for more than five days.

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Woman found dead in elevator shaft


KUALA LUMPUR: Faint cries for help reported by residents at the Seri Selangor flats here three days ago could have come from the elevator shaft, where the body of S. Sava­riamal has been found.

Her nephew R. Kumar, 42, said the family noticed that the 62-year-old had been missing since Monday.

"We thought she had gone to visit her son in Penang. Neighbours informed the family that cries for help could be heard earlier in the week but nobody could pinpoint where they were coming from," he said when met here yesterday.

The decomposed body of the widow, who had lived alone in her unit on the top floor of the 16-storey flat for three months after moving from her son's home in Penang, was discovered by firemen from the Hang Tuah station.

A resident had complained of a stench coming from the elevators at 7pm on Thursday.

Savariamal's relatives, who lived in an adjacent block, rushed to the scene after a neighbour told them that the body of a woman had been found and identified her at 10.25pm.

Her sisters were earlier seen outside the lift lobby trying to reach her by telephone.

Savariamal was the second of four sisters and had two sons, Prakash, 30, and Thivagaran, 27.

Police have classified the case as sudden death pending post-mortem results.

Meanwhile, a resident, Zaid Sakadi, 31, said the elevator had jammed on Monday morning.

"Most of us noticed the smell but we thought that it was either from the garbage or a dead rat," said Zaid who lives on the seventh floor.

He also said that repairmen had opened the stuck elevator earlier in the week but did not find anything inside.

Zaid said the elevators in the block frequently jammed and suspected that Savariamal might have slipped into the shaft when she tried to climb out of the elevator that had descended halfway.

City Hall housing officers declined comment, saying they were investigating the incident.

Savariamal was cremated at the Cheras crematorium yesterday.


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