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The Star Online: Nation

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The Star Online: Nation

Christmas comes alive at the Xaviers


SUBANG JAYA: For more than 10 years, Roland Xavier and his family have been decking their house with Christmas decorations to share the festive joy.

Just take a drive along Persiaran Tujuan and Persiaran Perpaduan, and it is hard to miss the house in USJ 11 all lit up with Christmas decorations.

And next year will be the same, despite the electricity tariff increase by Tenaga Nasional Bhd which will be effective Jan 1.

"I never look at the electricity bill for every December.

"Even with the electricity tariff hike, we will try to save in other areas but Christmas happens only once a year," Roland's wife Joyce Evanson said.

"We tighten our belts for the rest of the year. We have always tried to conserve energy and recycle. We eat less of processed foods, which are overpriced."

It was evident that she walks the talk as she was seen with two recyclable bags of grocery during the interview.

"Some ask us why do we keep doing this every year, 'Isn't this a waste of electricity?'. We look at the bigger picture, we hope to touch people's hearts.

"Just a few nights ago, a lady saw me outside the house and gave me a Christmas card, thanking us for putting up the Christmas lights.

"She said, 'Thank you for putting a smile to our faces and for making the Christmas season come alive'," she recalled fondly.

Girl gets jail for raping boy


A 17-YEAR-OLD girl was sentenced to three years in jail for raping a 13-year-old boy in Shandong, reported China Press.

The girl, who befriended the boy on the instant messaging service QQ, allegedly drugged him before forcing herself on him at a hotel.

The girl and the boy had just met.

The girl claimed that she was tired and needed a rest. She then brought the boy to a nearby hotel where the incident took place.

> The daily also reported that two boys, aged eight and 10, were nabbed for allegedly stealing two handphones and a laptop from two shops at a shopping mall in Alor Setar.

A closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera in the shop caught them in the act.

The shop operator said the boys took the handphones when two of her employees were in the office while the third was busy repairing a handphone.

After studying the CCTV footage, she released the images to other traders in the shop.

The boys were later caught in a mall.

Prior to the arrest, the boys had also stolen a laptop. They claimed they were paid to steal the items.

> A 24-year-old woman claimed that she was raped by her mother's colleague in Singapore when she was 15, reported Sin Chew Daily.

The victim, known only as Azura, said she was raped at least three times.

She said the police told her that her mother could have been aware of the incidents and might have even received money from the suspect.

Azura, a telephone operator, said her father became bankrupt after his business failed when she was a teenager.

Her mother then had to work as a cleaner to support the family.

The suspect, she said, was very close to her mother and sometimes stayed overnight at their house.

"He forced himself on me one day when my family members were asleep. I tried to push him away but he threatened me and told me not to make any noise.

"He said if I did not follow his instructions or told anybody, he would harm my family," she said.

Azura said the suspect outraged her modesty again two weeks later, and she was raped at least three to four times by him.

Other News & Views is compiled from the vernacular newspapers (Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese and Tamil dailies). As such, stories are grouped according to the respective language/medium. Where a paragraph begins with this > sign, it denotes a separate news item.

Goh warns against interference in MCA's internal affairs


YONG PENG: The MCA does not need anyone from outside the party to interfere in the party's affairs, said MCA Youth chief aspirant Datuk Goh Gaik Meng.

"This is about the dignity of the party. We don't want outsiders to come into the picture," he said, commenting on speculation that party veteran Tan Sri Lim Ah Lek was trying to get Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to intervene in the party's internal squabbles.

Goh, the Batu MCA Youth chief, said this in his speech at the installation of Johor MCA Youth committee members and fund-raising drive here yesterday.

Present was state executive councillor and state MCA liaison committee member Datuk Tee Siew Kiong, representing party chief Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek.

Goh said Lim, a former MCA deputy president, had admitted he had spoken to Najib, who is Barisan Nasional chairman, on the party's leadership.

"Delegates have the wisdom to decide on the leadership and do not need to rely on others in dealing with its internal matters," he said, adding that the Chinese community would look down on the MCA and accuse the party of being subservient to Umno.

Goh, who had announced his candidacy for the post of MCA Youth chief in the wing's election on Dec 19, claimed the movement had not been active in the past five years.

He touched on issues of education, job and business opportunities and the new media that were important to the young people in the community.

Regarding the issue of hiring more bumiputra employees in companies that was raised at the just-concluded Umno general assembly, Goh said employment could not be forced.

He pledged to transform the MCA Youth wing by uniting its members first before getting public support.


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