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TV stars to watch in 2014

Posted: 25 Dec 2013 10:00 PM PST

A list of actors who are expected to make excellent screen time on the small screen next year.

After a particularly rich and exciting year of TV in 2013, networks are planning to outdo themselves once again in 2014, and they couldn't do this without the help of the stars. Whether returning to the small screen or making their first appearance, these actors are bound to have viewers talking next year.

Kevin Spacey

The coming year promises to be a busy one for the veteran film actor, who returned to the spotlight last year in House Of Cards. Spacey will be in the running at the Golden Globes on Jan 12, and he will once again be at the centre of attention when the second season of Netflix's political thriller is unveiled on Feb 14. His role as a charismatic and cunning senator could earn him the statuette for the best actor in a drama series, a prize that slipped through his fingers in the 2013 Emmy Awards. (Unfortunately, the show has yet to be shown in Malaysia.)

Josh Holloway

Since the end of Lost in 2010, the actor behind the mysterious Sawyer has kept a rather low profile, with the exception of a role in Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol. In 2014, the actor will return to the airwaves as the star of Intelligence. The drama will follow an elite cyber-defense agency that relies entirely on the talents of one man, a former Navy SEAL with an electronic chip implanted in his brain, making him essentially a cyborg.

Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu

The two actors co-star in the crime series Elementary, a modern take on the Sherlock Holmes story that is currently in its second season on CBS. A former Scotland Yard consultant, Holmes has moved to New York to receive treatment for his drug addiction. Joan Watson, a former surgeon who lost her license after the death of a patient, is his sober companion. Together, they lend their deductive skills to the NYPD. After earning multiple awards in 2013, Elementary seems destined for even more success in 2014.

Jay Leno

After 22 years on NBC's The Tonight Show, and after infamously refusing to cede his throne to Conan O'Brian in 2009, the famous late-night host is finally stepping down. His successor Jimmy Fallon will pick up the torch from Feb 24, 2014, just after the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

Kiefer Sutherland

While we're waiting for the possible movie adaptation of 24, the unforgettable Jack Bauer will return to the small screen in a prolongation of 24 on Fox. The ninth season of the drama will take the form of a miniseries starring Sutherland alongside Kim Raver and Mary Lynn Rajskub, aka Chloe O'Brian, the counterterrorism unit's expert systems analyst.

Halle Berry

For her first major TV role, the Hollywood star has agreed to headline in Extant, a science-fiction series created by Steven Spielberg for CBS. This summer, Berry will appear on the small screen as an astronaut returning to Earth after one year in space. While struggling to reconnect with her loved ones after her long absence, the character must also confront a series of disturbing events – apparently connected to her recent mission – which could pose a threat to humanity. — AFP Relaxnews

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