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American remake of Broadchurch

Posted: 23 Dec 2013 08:30 PM PST

Actor Josh Hamilton lands role on Fox's Gracepoint.

The actor currently appearing on American Horror Story: Coven has joined the cast of the American remake of the hit British show Broadchurch, has announced.

Dubbed Gracepoint, the American version will bring the plot of Broadchurch across the pond. The star of the original series, David Tennant (Doctor Who), will once again play an American detective investigating the murder of an 11-year-old boy, a crime that shocked the sleepy town in which it occurred.

Josh Hamilton will take part in the adaptation in the role of Joe Miller, husband to the local detective Ellie Miller, played by Anna Gunn, best known for her role as Skyler White on Breaking Bad. Disappointed at having to share the case with Emmett Carver (Tennant), she is forced to view the inhabitants of her hometown in a different light in order to identify the author of the crime.

Slated to air on Fox in 2014, Gracepoint will be written by Chris Chibnall, the creator of Broadchurch, and directed by James Strong, who was behind the camera on the original series as well as on Downton Abbey.

Broadchurch, first aired last spring on ITV, has been renewed for a second season in 2014, but it remains unknown whether Tennant will return in the role of Alec Hardy. — AFP Relaxnews

Guitar giveaway

Posted: 22 Dec 2013 08:30 AM PST

RED FM has the perfect gift for one lucky listener this week! The station is giving away a guitar autographed by Kelly Clarkson.

To win, tune in to Red FM's Red Rave (Monday to Friday, 10am to 1pm) with Jeremy, and Red Fix with Terry and Azura (Monday-Friday, 8pm-midnight) and be prepared with this password: "Wrapped in Red with Kelly Clarkson".

Red FM presenter Mynn with a guitar autographed by Kelly Clarkson.

Besides that, it will be helpful if you know the lyrics to Clarkson's songs as you would need to sing for your chance to win the exclusive guitar.

Fans of Kelly Clarkson, you don't want to miss this chance to win the guitar and to showcase your talent on air.


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