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Up in arms


The Feature (Mon-Tues, 9am-10am)

Kuala Lumpur City Hall's (DBKL) proposed assessment tax hike in the country's capital has Malaysians crying foul. Many feel the increase is unjustified and have started to petition for the Government to intervene. This week, join 988 on The Feature to further analyse this topic. Guests include KL Members of Parliament and tax specialist Dr Zhong Gui Fa.

Morning Up VIP (Wed-Fri, 9am-10am)

As voted by listeners, the eight most popular Morning Up VIP interviews will be on air starting this week. National pride Penny Dai and Michael Wong, along with international artistes Spencer Leung Sze Ho, Yu Mei Ren, Sammy Leung, Ba Liang Jin, Eric Tsang and Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung, are the year's favourite interviews. Don't miss the opportunity to listen to these interviews again.

The eight interviews will be aired on these dates: Dec 4-6 (Penny Dai), Dec 11-13 (Spencer Leung), Dec 18-20 (Yu Mei Ren), Dec 25-27 (Sammy Leung), Jan 1-3 (Ba Liang Jin), Jan 8-10 (Eric Tsang), Jan 15-17 (Wayne Lai) and Jan 22-24 (Michael Wong).

Music Gets Crazy (Mon-Fri, 1pm-3pm)

She is Taiwan's most famous TV host. But Tao Jing Ying, commonly known as Tao Zi, is also a singer.

After a hiatus of eight years, Tao Zi is back with a new effort, Zhen De Jia De (Real, Unreal). The album boasts the all-star producer lineup of Jay Chou, Tanya Chua, Lin Xi, Khalil Fong and Tsing Fong (of Sodagreen).

Watch Tao Zi's impressive new music video Zhen De Jia De on 988's website (http://www.988.com.my/video-gallery/taomv-2). Stay tuned to 988 this December for more highlights on the album.

Go, Go Weekend – Health, Touch & Go (Sat, 6am-7am)

Snoring is known to cause sleep deprivation both to snorers as well as those who sleep with them. There has been study showing a correlation between loud snoring and the risk of heart attack and stroke. How true is that?

Tune in to Weekend Go, Go for more on this issue.

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