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Sex Pistols had a cuddly side

Posted: 25 Dec 2013 06:50 PM PST

A documentary reveals how the punk band spent Christmas back in the day.

Notorious punk rocker Sid Vicious dances to Christmas hits with a gaggle of children, while fellow Sex Pistol Johnny Rotten hands out presents.

It sounds implausible, but this is how the British punk band spent Christmas Day 1977.

Unseen footage of Sex Pistols in this unlikely scenario will be broadcast for the first time in a new documentary to be aired on BBC television on Dec 26 in Britain.

The band spent Christmas that year playing a charity gig for the children of striking firefighters at a nightclub in Huddersfield, a market town in northern England.

"To most people they were monsters in the news," director Julien Temple, who filmed the punks performing that day, told the Guardian newspaper.

"But seeing them playing to seven- and eight-year-olds is beautiful. They were a radical band, but there was a lot more heart to that group than people know."

The charity gig was to be the Sex Pistols' last British performance. Bassist Sid Vicious died of a heroin overdose in 1979, four months after he was charged with murdering his girlfriend Nancy Spungen, who was found stabbed in their New York hotel room.

Temple's documentary, Never Mind The Baubles: Xmas '77 With The Sex Pistols shows frontman Rotten leaping into a giant Christmas cake before the band and audience hurl chunks of it at each other.

"It's probably the best footage of the Pistols on film but it's never been seen," he told the Guardian.

The band had been banned from performing at most British venues by December 1977, Temple recalled, including the Holiday Inn hotel chain.

Snippets of the footage appeared in Temple's 2000 documentary The Filth And The Fury, but this is the first time it will be shown in what the director called its "full, unbelievably energetic glory". — AFP Relaxnews

Three 6 Mafia member dies

Posted: 25 Dec 2013 06:25 PM PST

Lord Infamous of the first rap group to win an Oscar, suffered a heart attack.

Ricky "Lord Infamous" Dunigan, a member of Three 6 Mafia, the first hip-hop group to win an Oscar, has died at 40, his uncle and bandmate told Rolling Stone.

The Memphis, Tennessee, group is known for the songs Stay High and It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp. The latter won a 2005 Oscar for Best Original Song for the movie Hustle And Flow. (Though it was the first hip-hop song by a group to win an Oscar, it wasn't the first winning hip-hop song. That was Eminem's Lose Yourself in 2002.)

The group's DJ Paul, Dunigan's uncle, told HipHopDX that the rapper died at his mother's house in Memphis. He had suffered a stroke and heart attack in 2010. "He had a heart attack in his sleep," DJ Paul said.

"His mother found him dead ... he had been dead, the doctors say, for about five hours. And she came home, he was sitting at the kitchen table with his head down on his arms. He had told his girlfriend that he was sleeping and he wanted to go to sleep. His girlfriend left and was like, 'You going to be fine?' And he was like, 'Yeah, I'm going to be good'. And she was like, 'You sure?' and he was like, 'Yeah, yeah, I'm positive, I just want to get some sleep'.

"So he laid his head in his arms at the kitchen table and he went to sleep and then when his momma came home, he was sitting at the kitchen table passed away."

DJ Paul added in an interview with Rolling Stone: "He was a legend in the game, truly ahead of his time. He was such a great lyricist and he always came with these different styles in his rap and his flow." He told the magazine that Dunigan was "the kind of person that never cared about having a lot of money or this or that. He just liked to make music, he liked to rap, and he liked to make people happy."

Lord Infamous and DJ Paul, his mother's younger brother, formed Three 6 Mafia in the early 1990s with Juicy J and Koopsta Knicca. Their debut album, Mystic Stylez, was released on their own label in 1995. It featured a dark, menacing sound that became more accessible as the group evolved. DJ Paul, Koopsta Knicca, and Lord Infamous recently reunited with early group members Crunchy Black and Gangsta Boo under the new name Da Mafia 6ix. — Reuters

Sister act bids adieu

Posted: 23 Dec 2013 08:00 AM PST

Local indie-folk darlings The Impatient Sisters is set to play its final show – for now – as the trio's youngest member leaves for the United States.

THE Impatient Sisters will have to be more patient in the coming years, as Irena Taib, the youngest of the singing siblings, has been accepted to the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts in the United States. 

To celebrate the achievement, and to give Irena the grand send-off she deserves, her sisters Soraya and Nazeera will be throwing her a farewell concert featuring some of their friends in the local music scene.

"This will be the last show we'll play before Irena comes back, which will be in four or five years' time. We won't be performing as The Impatient Sisters until she's back," said Nazeera. The group is currently in the middle of recording its debut album. 

Considering the projected long hiatus, the sisters are hoping to put on a real big show at the Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPAC), in Damansara Perdana, Selangor. Soraya, the eldest of the group, said it will be the first time they're headlining a show at a venue like DPAC.

"This event is for all the people who have been with The Impatient Sisters from the beginning of our journey," said Soraya. 

"Initially, it was supposed to be just a nice party, but now it has become this big event. It's quite intimidating! We've never performed at such a nice venue before, and we're headlining!"

Apart from the headliners, the concert will also feature special guest performances by The Impatient Brothers (a comedy trio parodying The Impatient Sisters), electropop artiste Darren Ashley, who has collaborated with the sisters on a couple of tracks; fingerstyle guitarist Az Samad, the Malaysian Ukelele Group and more.

"We are gonna go all out for this show, perform all the songs we have – those in the upcoming album and even those that won't be in the album," said Soraya.

As for the release of the album, which was due to happen this month, fans will just have to wait till next year.

"We don't want to rush it," said Soraya. "We can still work on it until next year and release it at a picnic show!"

For more info on The Impatient Sisters' farewell show for Irena, go to www.dpac.com.my.

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