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A city with soul


Homegrown movie Kolumpo has steadily found a special place in the hearts of Malaysians.

IT'S always a good sign when a local movie performs beyond expectations and as a bonus, attracts a crossover audience to the cinemas. That's the story of local independent movie Kolumpo, which has been enjoying a solid street buzz since its general release earlier this month.

Kolumpo, an anthology effort made by three young film directors – Sheikh Munasar, Rozi Izma and actor Bront Palarae – is a refreshing look at the different sides of Kuala Lumpur that we may have forgotten to see, or maybe even never cared to look at before.

The movie's multi-racial cast includes Sharifah Amani, Azad Jasmin, Nell Ng, Mano Maniam, Soffi Jikan, Sabri Yunus, Sherry Alhadad, Along Eyzandy, Radhi Khalid and Emely Poon.

In many ways, Kolumpo is a beautiful and interesting collage of the human connections that give life to the city and is told in three multi-lingual short stories.

The positive reviews – in the mainstream circles as well as social media – have definitely upped the profile of this movie in this busy festive season.

"The word-of-mouth from those who have watched the movie has helped a lot. People are talking about Kolumpo," said Bront.

Most importantly, the film has won over the fickle movie-going public here.

Food for thought: Sharifah Amani (right) and Amirul Ariff play a young couple who spend the whole night walking around Kuala Lumpur, talking about everything and nothing.

Sharifah Amani (right) and Amirul Ariff play a young couple who spend the whole night walking around Kuala Lumpur, talking about everything and nothing.

"Honestly, I hardly watch any local movies because international movies – especially blockbusters – are more interesting. But Kolumpo is very relatable to me because it is realistic. Kolumpo made me feel that it is safe to have a good night stroll in the city. That too is sign of hope!" said Edmund Loo, 25, a chemist.

Post graduate student Corrinne Lee, 29, was also pleasantly surprised by Kolumpo's realism, contemporary edge and human warmth.

"I don't really watch Malay movies except for some of Yasmin Ahmad's. I went in for Kolumpo without any expectation. All three stories made me feel at home." said the Kelantan-born student, who has lived in Kuala Lumpur for 10 years.

The personal touch by the cast and crew in promoting Kolumpo has also made a difference.

"We (directors and actors) have made a point of visiting the cinemas on a daily basis. As for myself, I would greet the audience before the screening and thank them (afterwards) for giving our movie a chance. Yes I did that!" added Bront.

Apart from Bront, director Sheikh Munasar and actress Sharifah Amani have been tirelessly handling the meet-and-greet shifts at cinemas in the Klang Valley.

Bront Palarae is one of the directors in 'Kolumpo', which has received a solid street buzz since the movie's release earlier this month.

Bront Palarae is one of the directors in the movie, which has received a solid street buzz since its release earlier this month.

Nell Ng is also doing her own style of promoting the film. She has been making trips to see the movie with different groups of friends.

"To date, I have made nine different trips to the movie! I'm still organising my own rombongan (group) of friends and relatives to watch it," said Ng, who wants to get more of her English-speaking friends to watch the movie and give it a chance.

For veteran actor Mano Maniam, he doesn't look at the movie as a multi-racial effort filled with cliches. For him, it is a Malaysian movie. Period.

"Personally, we shouldn't look at it as a multi-racial movie. It is a movie which tries to give an honest look about Kuala Lumpur, it's people and dimensions – the good and the bad," he said.

The sentiment at the cinemas indicates that Kolumpo is one of those rare movies that is capable of capturing the shared Malaysian experience – with its heartfelt stories and local angles.

"I don't really look at Kolumpo as a Malay movie but a Malaysian movie. The movie helps me to see the city differently now. I will even slow down my steps to admire the beauty of the city," said Sarawakian Teng Kiu Wee, 26, an engineer.

Fellow filmmaker Lina Tan (Gol & Gincu and Kami fame) says that Kolumpo is high on her list because of two main reasons.

"Firstly, it is produced independently by three new directors. Secondly, the theme – all featuring (short film) stories in Kuala Lumpur which are multi-racial and contemporary. Everyone can relate to the stories in the movie," said Tan.

Director Bernard Chauly (Pisau Cukur, Goodbye Boys and Istanbul Aku Datang) hopes that Kolumpo will create a new phenomenon of diverse local movie productions.

"Kolumpo is for all Malaysians whether you are an urban person or otherwise. I really like the fact that it combined two different actors that normally wouldn't be paired on-screen together such as Nell Ng and Ruminah Sidek. It was magic!" said Chauly.

'Terminator' reboot in the works


Game Of Thrones' Emilia Clarke is set to play Sarah Connor in the movie.

British actress Emilia Clarke, who plays Khaleesi on HBO's Game Of Thrones, is in talks to play Sarah Connor in the new Terminator movie from Paramount, Annapurna Pictures and Skydance Productions.

Alan Taylor (Thor: The Dark World) is directing the reboot of the blockbuster sci-fi franchise, which is scheduled for release on July 1, 2015. Clarke beat out Brie Larson for the coveted role, which reunites her with Taylor, who has directed several episodes of Game Of Thrones.

Zero Dark Thirty star Jason Clarke is in talks to play John Connor, who leads the human resistance in their war against the machines. Arnold Schwarzenegger will also return to his signature franchise, albeit in an unspecified capacity.

Linda Hamilton played Sarah Connor on the big screen, while Lena Headey played the heroine on the short-lived Fox TV series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Linda Hamilton as the butt-kicking Sarah Connor in the original Terminator (1984).

The filmmakers are also in the midst of casting Kyle Reese, who ultimately fathers John Connor. Reese was played in by Michael Biehn in James Cameron's original 1984 movie, which spawned three sequels. A new TV series is currently in the works that will be based on the new Terminator movie.

Annapurna acquired rights to the Terminator franchise in May 2011 before Megan Ellison decided to join forces with her brother David Ellison, who has more experience producing action-heavy tentpoles under his Skydance banner. Clarke next stars opposite Jude Law in Richard Shepard's Dom Hemingway. — Reuters

Joseph Gordon-Levitt to produce 'Sandman'


The actor may also direct the film adaptation of Neil Gaiman's popular graphic novel.

Hot off his audacious directorial debut Don Jon, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is nearing a deal to star in, produce and possibly direct an adaptation of Neil Gaiman's classic comic book Sandman for Warner Bros, an individual familiar with the project has told TheWrap.

Warner Bros did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Gordon-Levitt will produce with David Goyer, who recently pitched his take on the material to Warner.

The duo will begin looking for a writer soon, and while the ambitious Gordon-Levitt would like to direct the film, Warner Bros won't make a decision on that front until it sees a script.

The Sandman series follows Morpheus, who serves as the embodiment of dreams and creates dreams for those who sleep. Gordon-Levitt is expected to play Morpheus, who often cedes the spotlight to other characters in the Sandman universe.

Warner Bros has been seeking a franchise for Gordon-Levitt to star in, and while Sandman may be years away, it's the sort of intelligent comic book vehicle that the actor-turned-director would take to. Gordon-Levitt, who next stars in Sin City: A Dame To Die For, is also circling a remake of Little Shop Of Horrors and the musical Guys And Dolls, which Fox just hired Danny Strong to write. He's represented by WME. The Sandman news was first reported last month by Devin Faraci of Badass Digest. — Reuters

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