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The Star Online: Nation

'Centre failed to inform us about mum's bedsores'


KUALA LUMPUR: The family members of an 84-year-old woman who passed away recently claimed that the nursing centre caring for her had neglected to inform them about her bedsores, some of which were as large as small saucers.

They also want the centre in Ampang to apologise for failing to inform them about the bedsores, adding that they would have sought treatment for Ang So Hin who died on Nov 1.

Ang's daughter, Chua Koo Chai, 61, alleged that the family only found out about the bedsores on Sept 12 when her sister-in-law noticed red marks on her feet when she came by for a visit.

"When my sister-in-law checked my mother's diapers, she noticed the marks. She then turned my mother around and saw that there were already four big holes on the bottom part of her back," said Chua, claiming that some of the sores were as big as 8cm by 4cm.

Although Ang was not bedridden, she had been suffering from dementia and a thyroid problem and could not talk since last year. She also needed help to move around.

Chua, who lives in Canada, said the family then sent Ang to a clinic to have her wounds cleaned once every three days before admitting her to Ampang Hospital on Oct 2 after the bedsores worsened.

When she returned to Malaysia on Oct 11 to visit her mother, Chua said the hospital doctors told her that the bedsores had developed as early as several months ago.

"The doctors even asked me why we only sent my mother to the hospital after so long when the condition of her bedsores was already so bad," she told reporters at a press conference organised by Sunrise Charity chairman Alex Lee at her home in Taman Dagang Permai, Ampang, here yesterday.

Lee said the centre should have contacted Ang's family members and informed them about her condition.

When contacted, a spokesman at the centre, known only as Wong, refuted the family's allegation that they were not informed about Ang's bedsores.

"When the centre found out about the bedsores, it was just some skin peeling off from her body.

"At that time, the family did not allow us to handle the wounds. Instead, they wanted to send Ang to a hospital on their own. It was only after September that her condition became worse," said Wong, who claimed to be the person in charge at the centre.

The centre, said Wong, had done nothing wrong and refused to apologise to the family.

"We have been operating the centre for over 10 years. This is the first time such a complaint has arisen. We have done nothing wrong. Why should we apologise?" she said.

Fly Firefly for as low as RM49


KUALA LUMPUR: Firefly is offering a one-way promotional fare starting from as low as RM49 for all routes, including its newest destination Pekanbaru in Indonesia.

The booking period is from now until Nov 17 for travelling from Nov 18 to Oct 25 next year.

The carrier also announced that 45 lucky passengers who added Firefly Travel Protection to their trip had walked away with a RM300 voucher each in its Firefly Travel Protection contest.

The contest was carried out from Oct 15 to Oct 29, with three winners randomly selected and announced on board daily.

700 picket over loss of annual leave


ABOUT 700 workers of a tyre-making factory in Petaling Jaya picketed outside their plant in Jalan Tandang on Thursday after their employer deducted two days from their annual leave after the Deepavali break, Makkal Osai reported.

They claimed that the factory also deducted their salaries after shutting down operations for two days after the Nov 2 public holiday.

Those who did not apply for leave claimed they had been ready to return to work after the public holiday, but the management closed the plant and deducted two days' salary without their consent.

> A woman who allegedly had an affair with her husband's nephew is said to have strangled the older man and then told neighbours that bakery owner D. Dayanadaswamy, 55, had died of dehydration.

However, as she and her lover began to prepare for his last rites, an alert neighbour noticed that the dead man was still breathing irregularly.

He immediately informed the police, who sped to the house in Jalahalli, Bangalore.

Nevertheless, doctors pronounced the man dead at the hospital, Tamil Nesan reported.

Police have since detained the wife, 33-year-old Ratnamma, and her lover, Chennabasava, 27.

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