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Diabetes fight needs more self-control


PETALING JAYA: One of the most difficult aspects of combating diabetes is getting Malaysians to stop their unhealthy lifestyle, said Diabetes Malaysia secretary-general Datuk Rahimah Ahmad.

"The public thinks that diabetes is not a serious disease and the difficult part is to encourage them to change their lifestyle. It is not easy because they think it is not a serious disease as complications do not show until some time later.

"We sometimes use ourselves as motivators, as an example that if you control your sugar level, you do not get complications sooner," she said.

Rahimah, who is a diabetic herself, said there is no cure for diabetes, so what one could only do is to manage the glucose level to prevent from complications such as heart disease, blindness and leg amputation.

She said that among the challenges are to change Malaysians' eating habits and for them to have a more active lifestyle.

Diabetes Malaysia is one of the non-governmental organisations involved in, among others, to help Malaysians cope with diabetes and help them lead a healthy and productive lifestyle.

It organises talks and seminars besides reaching out through its Facebook page, website and newsletter.

There will be a charity walk on Sunday at 7am in Taman Tasik Titiwangsa to raise funds for diabetic children under Diabetes Malaysia by Columbia Asia.

  • In conjunction with World Diabetes Day on Thursday, The Star and The Star Online urge Malaysians to pledge to reduce their daily sugar intake for a week. The Star Online will run the Reduce Sugar Pledge campaign until Nov 21 to raise awareness about the impact uncontrolled blood sugar levels can have on the large population of Malaysian pre-diabetics and diabetics. Take part in our interactive discussions on The Star Online's official Twitter (@thestaronline) and Facebook pages (The Star Online) with #ReduceSugar. You can e-mail your pledge to

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