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The Star Online: Lifestyle: Parenting

Words of wisdom


TODAY is Universal Children's Day, a special day to recognise that children have a right to health, safety, education and respect.

Besides celebrating kids for who they are, this special day also hopes to create awareness of less fortunate children around the world who are the silent victims of abuse, exploitation and discrimination. In some countries, children are used as forced labour, are immersed in armed conflict, or live on the streets, exposing themselves to all kinds of dangers.

In conjunction with Universal Children's Day, The Star recently asked readers to submit their entries on some of the most profound things that children below 12 have said.

The most profound words were chosen, and highlighted in today's main paper to celebrate our children today.

Below are some more of the profound thoughts that readers sent in.

To all our readers, Happy Universal Children's Day!

"I became a whole lot more than you imagined because you (mother) did it right."
– Bhuvenraj Ganesh, eight

"Well, I AM above three years old as it says on the pack!" – Adila Maisara Idris, nine, justifying her reasons for buying toys meant for younger children.

"Mum, does God pray to us, too?" – Isaiah Charles Abayasundra, five

"Amma, don't be sad because I have hurt my knee falling off the bicycle. The wound will heal! I'm going to go through bigger falls. My life will not be 'fall-free', right?" – Haresh Rohan Manimakudom, 11.

"My teacher says when the sun shines, water from the sea goes up and becomes clouds. When the clouds get heavy, God will squeeze out all the water and that's rain!" – Darius Leong, seven.

Let's give Mummy a massage. She does nice things for us. Now it is our turn to do things for her."
– Joshua Kong Yong Rae, seven. 

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