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The Star Online: Lifestyle: Health

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The Star Online: Lifestyle: Health

Back aches for tech-dependent youngsters


Modern lifestyles and increase in technology are affecting our children's health.

A NEW study finds that all those video games, tablets, and smartphones could spell serious back troubles for growing youngsters, who are increasingly addicted to their gadgets.

Solution: get up and get moving, kids.

Young people face a "healthcare time bomb" of neck and back pain linked to sedentary lifestyles behind their computers, games, and gadgets, the researchers said.

The study was commissioned by Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board in Britain after finding that the number of children treated for back and neck pain in the country had doubled in just six months, The Telegraph reports.

Researchers interviewed more than 200 school-aged kids, finding that 64% of kids 11-18 said that they suffered from back pain, with 90% saying that they had not told anyone about it. Among the younger kids, aged 7-10, 72% said they suffered from back problems.

"Modern lifestyles and the increase in technology are having detrimental effects on our children's musculoskeletal health and, if not addressed in school and at home now, will have far-reaching effects for our children, the future working generation and society," researcher Lorna Taylor told The Telegraph. "This is a health care time bomb."

"It's vital we instil good habits and provide resources so children can be comfortable, be able to concentrate, reach their full potential and work and play sport as they decide, and not be limited by preventable disability and a life in pain." – AFP Relaxnews


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