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The Star Online: Lifestyle: Arts & Fashion

Learning from the best


Local designers learning from the best thanks to Designers Weekend.

VISUAL artist Takora Kimiyoshi Futori made a huge impression on local art students during a workshop at the Dasein Academy of Art, Kuala Lumpur last week.

The renowned artist from Tokyo, Japan is known for his colourful, vibrant pop art work in the fashion and interior design industries. He has worked with big names like Commes des Garcon, Adidas and Google.

Called "Pattern In Space", the workshop was organised by Designers Weekend, a non-profit community and network that supports local artists and designers.

During the workshop, Takora talked participants through some of his work, all the while explaining the thought processes behind each design.

"I think it's very important to be able to feel what you're creating, and to feel for other people, so they will be able to understand the art you create," said Takora, 41. "It's about being sensitive, putting yourself in the shoes of others and seeking to match your art together with feelings."

Takora's interest with patterns has led him to fashion illustration and design concepts for fashion items.

Takora's interest with patterns has led him to doing fashion illustrations and design concepts for fashion items.

Takora also talked about his growth as an artist, and how he learned to implement his designs in fashion and furniture one project at a time, slowly making himself a more skilful creator.

Takora eventually made a name for himself by constantly submitting his work at exhibitions, which opened doors for new projects and collaborations.

"I didn't know anything when I first started. I had to learn a lot along the way. It was only through time and doing more projects with different people that I learnt the professional work of an artist," he said.

A group of graphic design students had travelled from Ipoh, Perak to hear Takora speak.

Lecturer Zeniph Lim of the Perak Institute of Arts said workshops like these give young designers exposure to different perspectives.

"Students need to know and learn different things, not just what they read from textbooks. The classroom can be anywhere," said Lim, who brings his students for trips at least once a month.

His student Tan Wei Xiang, 20, said the workshop taught him how to solve problems and to put "feeling" into his artwork. "What I like about Takora is that his work is very abstract. And I've learned how to put my feelings into design concepts."

Takora pointed out that with the Internet today, especially social media, young artists can easily display their work online to get exposure - but the practice has its downsides.

"It is so easy to put your work on the Internet and tell people about it, but I actually hate that," he said. "Sometimes people think it's enough putting your stuff online, but there's so much stuff online already.

"It's always better to exhibit your work, where people can go and see it for themselves and meet the person behind the work, face to face. That's how I think I got my opportunities and grew."

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