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The Star Online: Nation

Deepavali sweeter with ladoo


KLANG: There are many varieties of Indian sweetmeats but the ball-shaped ladoo still "reigns supreme". And there can be no better testimony of this than when Deepavali is around the corner.

And it is selling like hot cakes at the Punjabi Sweet Corner, one of Klang's renowned Indian sweetmeat stalls.

The stall, located at Little India in Jalan Tengku Kelana, sells about 1,200 ladoo daily during this period.

Other popular delicacies there include the pakora and vadai.

According to shop assistant Jarnail Singh, 28, the number of ladoo sold increased as the Festival of Lights approached.

"Normally, I sell about 500 ladoo a day. But this increases greatly during Deepavali," he said.

The sweetmeats shop sells four types of ladoo – regular, Punjabi ladoo, orange and the semolina varieties – with the regular as the most popular.

The stall, which has been operating there over the past 19 years, is owned by Klang resident Dalbir Kaur.

Dalbir's daughter Sharanjit Kaur, 32, said high quality ghee and dairy products were used to make the ladoo.

'Bullet boy' still feeling traumatised


IPOH: Mohd Amar Mohd Azizi is recovering well after a bullet was successfully removed from behind his throat, although he is still traumatised by the shooting.

Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital neurosurgeon Dr Cheang Chee Keong said Mohd Amar, 10, was also given sedatives to calm down.

"He is extremely traumatised by the incident," he said at a press conference held by Perak Health Committee chairman Nolee Ashilin Mohd Radzi at the hospital yesterday.

"He would even cry at the sight of doctors and nurses checking on him," he added.

Dr Cheang said Mohd Amar could face an uphill battle to recover psychologically and emotionally.

"His neck could recover after two to three months, but he may never recover if he continues to be stressed. I again urge the people to give him space to recuperate," he said.

Mohd Amar was hit by a stray bullet from an off-duty policeman's service revolver in Kampung Belanja Kiri, Parit last Monday.

The bullet was lodged between Mohd Amar's skull and neck bone, just a centimetre from his spinal cord and arteries for six days and it was removed by a team of specialists on Sunday.

Dr Cheang said Mohd Amar could be discharged from hospital in the next two days, adding that the boy was currently under observation at the hospital's intensive care unit.

"He is in stable condition and he can talk and drink water.

"He will need to wear a neck collar support for about two to three months for his neck bone to heal," he said.

"Scans show that there are cracks on his neck bone and we will need to review his condition after two months to see if a surgery is needed."

Dr Cheang also stressed that Mohd Amar should be allowed to recuperate and advised against being visited by anyone except for family members.

Two BN MPs not in favour of changes to Penal Code


THE proposed mandatory jail sentences for those convicted of vandalism and insulting the national flag saw two Barisan Nasional lawmakers voice their disagreement to this amendment to the Penal Code.

Although agreeing for the need to protect the sanctity of the Jalur Gemilang, Datuk Seri Azalina Oth­man (BN-Pengerang) asked: "What if it is just a youth who did not think of the consequences of his actions?

"Under the proposed law, he will be jailed with thieves, rapists and murders and will eventually come out (of jail) worst off."

She suggested that youth offenders in such situations be given mandatory counselling rather than imprisonment as they might merely be "naughty" or "insane" when defiling the national flag.

Under the proposed amendments, a person may face a jail sentence of not less than five years and up to 15 years jail upon conviction under the new Section 121E.

Azalina also pointed out that the proposed amendments to impose mandatory punishment on those harbouring or protecting suspected gang members might lead to unjust situations.

"What if an ex-husband runs back to his former wife's house on the pretext that he loves his children?

"It would mean that his former wife will be jailed under the new law for harbouring him," she said when debating the amendments in the Dewan Rakyat during the second reading.

She urged the Government to retract the Bill and she was supported by Datuk Bung Mokhtar Radin (BN-Kinabatangan).

"This law is not good. It makes our country look like a jail. If my friend (Azalina) asked to retract the Bill, I also ask for it," he said.

He cited the proposed law on vandalism where village folks, who might be innocently putting up posters and carrying a knife, would be subjected to jail if convicted for vandalism based on the wordings of the law.

His opinion drew support from several opposition lawmakers who taunted Bung Mokhtar for changing his stance after the recent Umno polls.

"If the law is not good, why support it? I am not like the Opposition members who always follow what their boss says," he retorted.


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