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The Star Online: Nation

The Star’s ex-photographer dies of nose cancer at 55


PETALING JAYA: A former photographer of The Star, Chua Kok Hwa (pic), passed away yesterday due to nasopharynx cancer (nose cancer).

He was 55.

Chua is survived by his wife, Yee Lee Wah, 51, and two children, Chua Jie Si, 21, and Chua Jie Jun, 18.
Yee said Chua was first diagnosed with the cancer in 2009. 

Chua joined The Star's photo desk on Nov 15, 1994.

He had previously been attached to Chinese dailies Tong Bao, which was later closed down, and Guang Ming before joining The Star.

He retired in November last year from his position as an assistant chief photographer after 18 years of service in the company.

The Star photo desk head Ng Kok Leong said Chua had been a hardworking and cheerful person.

"We worked closely on many occasions and he was very dedicated to his job," he said.

The wake wil be held at 11, Jalan SL 11/5, Bandar Sungai Long, Kajang.

The funeral is at 2pm tomorrow.

'Storm warning' a day before crash


KOTA KINABALU: A day before the fatal MASWings crash in Kudat on Thursday, co-pilot Marc Joel Bansh had posted on his Facebook page an image of a Twin Otter with a backdrop of dark clouds and a caption: "There's a storm coming."

His friends are now sharing the picture, with notes of "Rest in peace, he seemed to have known it was coming."

Marc, 22, suffered multiple fractures and head injuries and died upon admission at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital here.

Passenger Tan Ah Chai, 69, also died at the hospital after being airlifted there after the crash.

Marc's Facebook page is filled with condolences to his family with friends recalling the type of person he was in their own pages.

(2nd right) Marc and his friends posing for the camera in happier times.

Marc Joel Bansh

His tragic death shocked his friends, who described him as a happy-go-lucky person.

"I will miss him. He was really a fun guy," said Sean Krishna, who meets Marc on weekends in Miri, Sarawak, where the MASwings Twin Otter headquarters is.

Sean, a Sabahan studying in Miri, said Marc made friends easily wherever he went and was a likeable and popular person.

Marc's distraught parents were seen outside the Queen Elizabeth Hospital mortuary early yesterday and avoided the media.

Family friends said they requested privacy and were arranging their son's funeral for Monday.

Marc is the second of four children in a family of pilots.

His father, Heral Bansh, is a helicopter pilot with Sabah Air and his brother is a MAS Boeing 737 co-pilot.

Marc joined MASWings after graduating from the Asia Pacific FlightTraining School in Kota Baru, Kelantan, about a year ago.

In Kudat, housewife Junaini Bladi said she could only watch in horror as branches and leaves slapped against her window on the Twin Otter aircraft moments before it crashed into a house.

The plane had veered off the runway as it tried to land and ended up about 200m from the airstrip at Kampung SenSen in northern Sabah.

Junaini said that was the twin-engined aircraft suddenly pulled to the right just before the wheels touched the ground, and then the plane ploughed through a concrete fence and hit the side of the house.

Junaini, 53, who was seated on the right side of the aircraft, said as the plane hit the ground, she was flung about in her seat.

She said the aircraft then come to a stop and she and other passengers scrambled out the emergency door.

Another passenger, Erwanshah Enin, 23, said he hurt his left foot when kicking open the emergency door located just behind the co-pilot's seat.

"After I got the door open, I exited and pulled out two women and a child," he said. "I was so worried about the possibility of a fire or explosion because there was a strong stench of aviation fuel and the left engine was still running. The engine didn't stop until nearly an hour after the crash."

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Shot dead - four who preyed on VIPs


KUALA LUMPUR: Four robbers, believed to be the ones who recently robbed the house of Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin, have been shot dead by police in a shootout.

The robbers, believed to be Indonesians, are part of a gang called Gang Ah Fatt, have been actively robbing VIP houses since 2008.

The gang had, at 3.30am yesterday, robbed the house of a VIP in Bukit Antarabangsa and were hiding out in an apartment unit belonging to one of the suspect's family in Hiliran Ampang Public Housing Project (PPR) on Jalan Ampang Putra.

They had later met up with their middleman in the apartment.

Unknown to them, a team of policemen were getting ready to move in.

Police quietly apprehended the middleman, a local, when he exited.

They then stormed into the apartment, said City police chief Senior Deputy Comm Datuk Mohmad Salleh. The robbers were caught by surprise and fired upon the policemen when they rushed in.

"My men had to return fire and all four robbers were killed in the fire fight," he said when met at the scene yesterday.

Police recovered a pistol and several stolen items from the gang's recent robbery of an apartment unit.

SDC Mohmad said that police are still hunting for two more members of the gang who are said to be armed and dangerous.

"The group had three pistols which they robbed from their victims but we only found one.

"So we believe that the remaining two robbers have the other two pistols," he said.


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