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The Star Online: Metro: Central

Singapore-based super model murdered in Pakistan


ISLAMABAD: Pakistani super model Fehmina Chaudhry, who recently came from Singapore, has been found dead in a ditch from Bara Kahu area Islamabad on Monday.

The 27-year-old model and beauty queen went missing last Thursday while visiting Islamabad to buy property, police said.

ASP Yasir Afridi said the dead body of a woman has been identified as Fehmina Chaudhry, who was also a mother of two and was a successful model in Singapore with numerous awards on her credit.

Fehmina, a Singapore-based model originally from the Pakistani port city of Karachi, was settled in Singapore and wanted to open a fashion school in Pakistan.
The real estate broker named Muaz Waqar lured her and brought her to Pakistan, she went missing on October 12 and the accused had demanded Rs2 crore against her release.

Police officials told that the accused Muaz Waqar was traced out with the help of the phone record and during investigation he confessed told that he had murdered the model and dumped her body in a stream at the outskirts of the city.

After the confession by the accused, police took him to the crime scene and discovered the dead body of Fehmina Chaudhry.

Her promoter in Pakistan, Asif Hashmi confirmed Chaudhry's death, and said she was married with a son and a daughter.

"She was a dedicated philanthropist and she was planning to set up a fashion school in Pakistan," Hashmi said, adding that she had won several beauty contests.

The officer leading the investigation, Yasir Afridi, said Chaudhry's mother had contacted her for the last time on the evening of October 10, after which she received a text message saying her daughter had been kidnapped.

"She used to visit Pakistan often to see her mother and was staying at a private hotel in Islamabad where she came to buy real estate for her mother," Yasir said. - AFP 

Death of puppy draws online flak


"JUSTICE for Tammy" is what a group of indignant animal lovers in Singa­pore is calling for.

As a show of support for the seven-month-old mongrel which was put down for aggression, there was a flurry of activity on social media platform Facebook on Sunday night, when supporters updated their profile pictures with Tammy's photo and the slogan.

Netizens were reacting to news that the dog had been put to sleep by its adopter of four months, Alison McElwee, on Oct 7.

McElwee had said the animal was aggressive and had bitten her and her two children. Tammy was put down at a veterinary clinic in Sunset Way.

The Animal Clinic's managing director Lennie Lee said that "the dog exhibited escalating aggression" during four visits made to the vet from June 6 for routine vaccinations and treatments for skin problems, and that "professional judgment" was used when the vet "agreed with the owner's request to put the dog to sleep". — The Straits Times / Asia News Network

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