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First trailer for Univision adaptation of 'Breaking Bad'


Spanish-language Metastasis follows storyline of AMC show.

UNIVISION, the largest network of Spanish-language TV channels in the US, is taking advantage of the buzz surrounding the finale of Breaking Bad to present the first scenes from its own version, which is set in Colombia.

The series may have come to an end on AMC, but its storyline will be resurrected in Metastasis, an adaptation for Spanish-speaking audiences. The new version, like the original, will focus on a chemistry teacher diagnosed with cancer who enlists the help of his former student to produce and sell crystal meth in the interest of providing for his family.

The lead character of Metastasis in his tighty whities. - AFP

The lead character of Metastasis, Walter Blanco, in his tighty whities. - AFP

Metastasis will adapt the names of the protagonists to their approximate Spanish counterparts: Walter White will become Walter Blanco, played by Diego Trujillo. His partner in crime, Jesse Pinkman, becomes Jose Miguel Rosas, and his wife Skyler is Ciela in the new version.

The final episode of Breaking Bad, which aired on Sept 29 on AMC, was watched by 10.3 million people. The series earned the Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series a few days earlier for its second to last season. – AFP Relaxnews


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