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Tiësto is the blockbuster man


Dutch deejay Tiësto is raring to lift Sepang to the heavens this weekend.

NO matter where he stands these days, legendary Dutch deejay Tiësto will always have a special place in the hearts of Malaysian electronic dance music fans, even when he does cross over his music from his signature trance to a house music.

Voted "The Greatest DJ Of All Time" by Mixmag in 2011 and with a Grammy nomination on his belt, Tiësto has taken the electronic dance music genre to new heights.

With over 14 million likes on Facebook, 1.5 million followers on Twitter, close to 400 million views (and 800,000 subscribers) on YouTube and his globally syndicated Club Life Radio podcast, Tiësto is truly a universal phenomenon.

It's been two years since he last played to an adoring local audience of 25,000, and the 44-year-old Dutchman, also known as Tijs Verwest, has been looking forward to coming to play in Malaysia again.

"No doubt it's going to be an amazing show. I can't wait to see my fans and throw the biggest party of the year," he assured in an interview via e-mail.

This round of visits comes at the end of a typically heavy schedule this summer with appearances all over North America before heading to Asia.

Just looking at his website sees him playing five days solid, starting in China and ending in Malaysia, before taking a short break and then flying back to Amsterdam in time to play at the Ziggo Arena during the Amsterdam Dance Event conference and festival later this month.

Once again, Future Sound Asia will host the Malaysian leg as Tiësto returns to Sepang International Circuit this Saturday for this tour, billed as his Club Life Tour. Club Life has become something of a brand name of sorts for Tiësto in the past few years, with his recent series of mix albums and his radio podcast show.

"I'm always travelling the world and being that every city is so unique, I launched the compilation series off my podcast of the same name.

"The mixes – Las Vegas, Miami and now Stockholm – have a distinct flavour of the city they're based on," he explained.

The heavy summer schedule is pretty much an annual routine for Tiësto and in nearly two decades in the business, the love of the music and performing has kept him pretty busy and continuing to deejay and produce more music.

"It's never hard to keep busy because I'm always working on new projects musically, touring and even collaborating with Guess on a new fashion line," he said.

And while he produces his own music, he also keeps tabs (usually via his label Musical Freedom) on future talent and has just started a remix competition in partnership with leading digital dance music retail website Beatport.

"I figured this could be a great way to discover a fan who also has some serious production chops," he explained.

While he's always on the lookout for new talent, there's his own music to keep writing. It has been a few years since the release of his studio album Kaledeiscope (2009) and his Allure project Kiss From The Past (2011).

"Yes, I'm working on my new artiste album that is due for release in 2014," he said.

One for the fans indeed, and certainly, while receiving awards and accolades of being top deejay in various media and polls is something he appreciates, he definitely puts his fans first.

"It's humbling to be acknowledged in such a way, but to me having fans that take great joy out of my music and dancing with me at my shows is far more fulfilling," he noted.

Future Sound Asia presents Tiësto: Club Life at the Sepang International Circuit this Saturday.Rising global dance scene mavens Danny Avila (Spain), DJ Tigerlily (Australia) and Malaysians Goldfish & Blink, Nick Haydez and B.A.T.E. (Malaysia) are the other acts. Doors open at 7.30pm. Tickets at RM148 are available at selected Rock Corner outlets and

More star power at Global Chinese Music Awards


Shila Amzah talks about her upcoming performance at the Global Chinese Music Awards.

THE 13th Global Chinese Music Awards (GCMA) is drawing near and we can expect a lot of excitement from this year's line-up of performers.

Winner of the 2012 Asian Wave competition and up-and-coming singing star Shila Amzah will be performing a medley of songs at the event.

"I'm quite nervous because I'm the only non-Chinese (who will be performing), but it's something huge for me. I'm looking forward to working with the new band; everything is going to be live! I can't wait to perform on such a prestigious stage," said Shila in an interview.

The singer is also looking forward to meeting the other artistes from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia who will grace the event like Kay Tse, Bibi, Joey Yung, Raymond Lam, Will Pan and Derrick Ho.

This year's theme is "Play. Music. Hard" while the dress theme is "Punk Fantasy". Shila noted that she has decided on what to wear and will dress to impress – all in black.

Shila also revealed that her new Bahasa Malaysia album will be out on Oct 10, while her Mandarin album will be released soon after.

"Fans have been waiting for this album for about a year now. (They are) looking forward to this album and it's one of the ways my Chinese fans in China can get familiar with Bahasa Malaysia; they actually love the language," she said.

"Music to me is life. It means the world to me," shared Shila whose father is the popular 1980s singer ND Lala. She said that with music, she is able to express her emotions, feelings and thoughts.

Shila's proudest moment was when she won the Asian Wave competition last year. "I think God really gave me a chance to prove something. Not just to myself, but to my Malaysian fans and to the world."

The 13th GCMA 2013 will be held on Oct 5 at the Putra Stadium, Bukit Jalil Sports Complex in Kuala Lumpur. Tickets are available at and priced at RM50, RM100, RM150, RM200, RM250, RM300, RM500 and RM800. For more information, visit or

Put your party clothes on for GCMA


Bukit Jalil is the place to be on Oct 5, with the gathering of Asia's brightest stars at the prestigious 13th Global Chinese Music Awards (GCMA).

As one of the biggest Chinese music awards ceremonies, music fans can expect a glittering night.

Among the stars to grace the event are Joey Yung, Raymond Lam, Gillian Chung, Charlene Choi, Kay Tse, G.E.M Tang Zhi Kei and Adason Lo from Hong Kong; Will Pan Wei Bo, Wei Li An and IO Band from Taiwan; Zhou Bi Chang, Hu Xia, Xue Zhi Qian, He Wei Jian, Jike Junyi, Liu Mei Lin from China and Singapore's Derrick Ho.

Local stars such as Michael Wong, Gary Chaw, Penny Tai, Wu Jia Hui, Cheryl Lee, Gin Lee and Issac Dang will also be in attendance at this awards show hosted by 988.

The theme this year is "Play. Music. Hard." featuring the fun element of Punk Fantasy. So, get dressed up and enjoy a night with your favourite stars.

Tickets for GCMA, which will be held on Oct 5 at Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, can be purchased at

Also on 988 this week

The Feature (Mon-Tues, 9am-10am)

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Go, Go Weekend – He & She (Sat, 8am-9am)

Host of the show Xiao Mah reckons men should have in possession a car, a house and a stable career before walking down the aisle. It's the way a man shows his sense of responsibility to the woman whom he wishes to call wife. Co-host Shiang Jiun, thinks otherwise. She reckons it depends on the circumstances such as the age of the couples, family-planning etc. What do you think? Feel free to join their discussion on Saturday.

For more information, log on to Download the 988 app or stream it online at


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