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The Star Online: Entertainment: Music

Much love for Lou Reed on social media


The singer is remembered by peers and fans around the globe.

News of Lou Reed's death hit the music world as hard and fast as a kick pedal on a bass drum Sunday morning, and resonated just as loudly.

As word spread, many on Facebook changed their profile pictures to that of the legendary Velvet Underground frontman's face, and Twitter erupted with appreciations from all corners of the globe.

"The world has lost a fine songwriter and poet ... I've lost my 'school-yard buddy'," tweeted John Cale, who co-founded what would become the Velvet Underground with Reed in 1964, when both men were in their early 20s.

Those who knew and loved the musician, sometimes from up close and sometimes just from afar, also weighed in.


"I met Lou Reed and told him he gave me tinnitus at a concert in 1989 that never went away and it was worth it. Dirty Blvd. Love to Lou," wrote Judd Apatow.

Iggy Pop simply wrote, "Devastating news," and linked to the Rolling Stone article about Reed's death.

In a series of tweets, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers keyboardist Benmont Tench wrote, "All deaths are tragic ... But a great artist's death affects more people, more directly. They've illuminated your life through their work. So you take it personally, like the loss of a close friend. Reed meant a hell of a lot to me."

Guitarist Tom Morello from Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave chimed in, "My intro to Lou Reed/Velvet Underground was Jane's Addiction cover of Rock n Roll. He was a singular, unique talent. RIP Lou and thanks."

Mia Farrow kept her appreciation short and sweet, "Deepest Gratitude Lou Reed. Peace." She included a link to the lilting tune Perfect Day from Reed's 1972 album, Transformer, which David Bowie co-produced.

Superstar chef Anthony Bourdain checked in with a quote from the Velvet Underground tune Sweet Jane, which was originally released on the band's 1970 album Loaded: "heavenly wine and roses ... seem to whisper to me .... when you smile. RIP Lou Reed."

John Lennon's son Julian tweeted, "RIP Lou ... A Real Original ... x," which was similar to what could be found on Bowie's Twitter feed. Bowie's tweet simply said, "RIP LOU REED."

Even Miley Cyrus, who was born almost two decades after the Velvet Underground broke up, had something to say, "noooooooooo notttttttttt LOU REED," she tweeted, including an emoticon of a broken heart.

By mid-afternoon Sunday, perhaps the most shared Reed quote on social media was, appropriately, "Satellite's gone up to the skies." — Los Angeles Times/McClatchy-Tribune Information Services

Here are a few more tweets from Reed fans, young and old. 

Teaser of Yuna's new album


The singer-songwriter will be releasing Nocturnal, her first major label album, tomorrow.

Los Angeles-based Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna is set to release her forthcoming major label album Nocturnal via The Verve Music Group on iTunes tomorrow.

Fans can sample the entire album through an exclusive album stream at

The indie pop-centred Nocturnal, which features 11 tracks, will be released on CD on Nov 4. 

Back in May, she previewed her major label sound with the Sixth Street digital EP which featured five songs.

The Sixth Street EP's lead track I Wanna Go also makes it on the Nocturnal album tracklist.

Nocturnal was recorded in Los Angles with the 27-year-old singer-songwriter collaborating with Chad Hugo (The Neptunes) and Robin Hannibal (Rhye).

"The working environment in LA is really refreshing, really good. Because in Malaysia, it's a small country – you end up working with the same people that you like and that you know. But LA is so huge, there are probably a million producers working there, you know what I mean? A sea of them. So you just have to find the right fit," revealed Yuna in a recent interview with US magazine Entertainment Weekly.

She added further about LA: "And they're all so good, because it's the hub – everyone goes out there to make music. So it was really refreshing for me to work with different producers from different genres. I was living in a bubble (before). I came from a strong jazz/ singer-songwriter/folk influence, but in LA I learned how to have a balance between all these genres and R&B music and hip-hop, mixing them all together."

Highlights from Yuna's Nocturnal album include Mountains, Lights and Camera and the album's first single Falling.

Last year, Yuna released her first international album (her self-titled album Yuna) through the Fader label in New York.


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