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The Star Online: Entertainment: Music

Infinite-ly in love


K-pop group Infinite thrilled its fans at a recent concert in Kuala Lumpur.

AS far as sweet talking is concerned, K-pop act Infinite is right up there with the best. It surely sounded like the cheeky boys went all out to charm their fans at Stadium Negara in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday night with the 2013 Infinite First World Tour One Great Step tour stop.

Apart from the group's vocal prowess and fancy footwork, Infinite demonstrated why it is so well-loved by K-pop fans – out came the constant flirting in Malay, a "marriage proposal" and even a sideshow moment when the group sang to a giant teddy bear.

Under the dazzling light show, the lads kept true to their promise to make it a night to remember. The seven-member boyband, which made its debut in 2010, featured the whole crew – Sung-kyu, 24, Dong-woo, 23, Woo-hyun, 22, Hoya, 22, Sung-yeol, 22, L, 21, and Sung-jong, 20 – in full flight on stage.

Some 20 songs were unleashed with the showbiz moves and grooves to carry them through. This group was a slick machine, indeed. Infinite favourites like Destiny, Tictoc, Paradise, Inception, Can You Smile, Still I Miss You, Nothing's Over, Cover Girl, Man In Love, Hysterie and With definitely hit the sweet spot.

They even threw souvenirs to the audience and even sang Rasa Sayang especially for Malaysian fans.

Highlights of the nights included individual performances like L serenading a fluffy teddy with Love U Like U, Woo-hyun's Beautiful, Sung-kyu's 60 Seconds and duets like Dong-woo and Hoya (of Infinite H) with Special Girl, and Sung-yeol and Sung-jong with 1/3.

Chanting their idols' names between songs, the local fans also waved hand-banners with Korean words for "Let's walk together till the end" during the encore – a Malaysian touch which moved the boys to tears at the end of their show.

The atmosphere at the show, as we should say, was electric. It was a far cry from the decidedly more sedate press conference held at a Kuala Lumpur hotel the day before, where the boys looked dapper in their jet-black suits.

Leader Sung-kyu expressed that it was great to be back in Malaysia.

"We wish to explore the country a little bit more during our short stay," he said.

It was only Infinite's second trip to Malaysia, yet they already demonstrated a decent command of the Malay language. The boys were first here in January to attend the South Korean 27th Golden Disk Awards where they picked up a Disk Bonsang award for their 2012 Korean EP album Infinitize and won Best Group Performance as well.

"It is the greatest motivation for us to perform our best for the fans who have always supported us," offered L, who is wildly popular with fans here.

With such a packed schedule, Sung-jong shared their best health tip. "To keep our bodies in tip top condition and to avoid falling sick while touring, we take Korean ginseng."

Responding to praises heaped on the music video for its latest hit single Destiny, Dong-woo revealed that it was shot at the Universal Studios in the United States.

"We were the first K-pop group to film there, and it was a great experience," he said.

Singer Noreen Noor dies of kidney failure


The 1980s pop star and actress was best known for her hit song Siang Terbayang Malam Merindu.

Singer and actress Noreen Noor, 54, passed away early this morning at the Ampang Puteri Hospital in Selangor.

Noreen, who was a popular feature in the local entertainment scene in the 1980s, was admitted to hospital on Monday night from complications in the kidney. She died just before 6am on Tuesday.

Singer Norshila Amin told mStar Online that only close friends were aware of Noreen's health conditions and that her death came as a big shock to everyone.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, friends and fans have been posting condolences and heartfelt messages on the singer's passing.

Born in Singapore, Noreen (Noraine Mohd Nor) is best known for hit songs like Siang Terbayang Malam Merindu and Usah Diturutkan, as well as for movies like Talak, Hantu Siang, Wira Angkasa and Pelumba Malam.

She leaves behind a son (22) and daughter (11); she will be buried in her hometown in Merlimau, Malacca.

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