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The Star eCentral: Movie Buzz

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The Star eCentral: Movie Buzz

Foul-mouthed Ted to return in 2015


The anything-but-cuddly teddy bear will be back in cinemas in 2015.

SETH MacFarlane's first feature film, Ted, is getting a sequel, slated for release on June 26, 2015, in the United States.

The second Ted film will also be helmed by the Family Guy creator, who hosted the 2013 Oscars ceremony and is known for his off-beat and sometimes controversial humour.

MacFarlane will also write the screenplay for the sequel, alongside Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild, the same screenwriters who assisted him on the first Ted film.

Finally, MacFarlane will once again provide the voice of Ted, the politically incorrect talking teddy bear that kept Mark Wahlberg's character from growing up in the first film, much to the annoyance of his girlfriend, played by Mila Kunis.

Ted was released in June 2012 and brought in a total of US$550mil (about RM1.65bil) worldwide. – AFP Relaxnews

Movies coming soon


Escape Plan – A film starring Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and it's not called The Expendables. Ray Breslin (Stallone) is a structural security expert who designs prisons and tests how "escape-proof" they are. He gets into one prison to check its security system, only to find someone has framed him and made sure he never gets out.

Sadako 2 3D – Two years ago, there was a suicide clip that made anyone who watched it commit suicide as well. Now the footage might be back as a string of mysterious deaths has occurred. Then a little girl comes into the picture as well. Starring Satomi Isihara, Miori Takimoto and Yusuke Yamamoto.

Olivia Wilde is hot stuff


Olivia Wilde is on a roll, starring in three big movies in 2013 alone.

OLIVIA Wilde has a small, but important, role in the auto racing movie Rush, but those cars can't rocket half as fast as the actress' career.

Wilde, who got her start on TV around a decade ago (Skins, The O.C.), segued into small, offbeat movies, then showed her acting chops on the misanthropic TV medical drama, House.

Wilde is having a great year – at home (she's engaged to actor Jason Sudeikis) and on the screen, with three big movies, kicking off with Rush.

"I didn't know anything about Formula One," Wilde said, a few weeks ago at the Toronto International Film Festival. "I didn't know anything about James Hunt or Niki Lauda. (Director Ron Howard) had me in for for a meeting and I just thought the story was sensational.

"I love stories about athletes. I'm obsessed with the '30 for 30' series and this sounded like a Bird and Magic story – these rivals who drive each other to greatness. I knew Ron would tell it well ... And I also love the 70s. So, all of these factors came together and I wanted in."

Wilde plays the playboy Hunt's wife, Suzy, who leaves him for another famous playboy, Richard Burton.

"When I learned about that, it was such an interesting twist, because it proved she wasn't this long-suffering victim.

"She left first, which I liked. She was like, 'I gave you a chance, but you're making it impossible.' And she had a very happy relationship with Burton ... He left Elizabeth Taylor for this woman."

It wouldn't have been a stretch for Burton to leave Taylor for Wilde, who's not only beautiful, but smart, funny, likes sports, curses like a longshoreman and has a social conscience to boot.

"I've known Olivia since she wasn't famous," said her Third Person co-star Maria Bello, "and she has always been as brilliant, as kind and an activist more than any young woman I've ever met."

The aforementioned Paul Haggis ensemble drama Third Person will be next in theatres for Wilde, followed by Spike Jonze's hard-to-pigeonhole Her.

"They're all sensational," she said. "I feel pretty damn lucky. Third Person is a really beautiful film. Everyone was really pushing themselves to make Paul's script come to life. I wanted to be a part of it, but I thought, 'Can I play someone in this much pain?' ... It was one of those jobs where every day at work could wring you dry. But it was worth it.

"I sound like I'm being so dramatic but Her is so (expletive) good. It's a story about humanity and loneliness, and Joaquin (Phoneix) is so great in it – it's such a nuanced performance – the camera is essentially on him talking to himself the entire film because he's talking to a voice you never see, played by Scarlett Johansson.

"So he's in love with this voice but he tries to be in love with real people. He tries to be a normal person and I am part of an attempt to do just that."

A lot of Wilde's good fortune as an actress can be traced back to her role as a brilliant, bisexual doctor with Huntington's disease on House.

"I really have the writers to thank for anything that came out of that show for me, because they really allowed me to show so many sides of that character, and it was a showcase for me that allowed so many different, interesting filmmakers to hire me afterward."

"It's funny," she added, "because recently I had this film Drinking Buddies which came out, and I produced, and I'm really proud of it, and it's been doing really well and a lot of the press said that before Drinking Buddies I was only in Tron and Cowboys & Aliens. People forget House. People who watch TV don't. But movie people think I started in Tron." – Philadelphia Daily News/McClatchy-Tribune Information Services

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