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The Star Online: Nation

Syariah judge and adviser found alone in bungalow, court told


GEORGE TOWN: A Syariah High Court judge and a financial adviser were found to be alone in a double-storey bungalow during a khalwat raid, a Syariah High Court here heard.

Penang Islamic Religious Affairs Department investigating officer Ifzan Fadzli, 28, testified that six enforcement officers found Adam Tumiran, 45, and Nurul Izani Isa, 36, inside the house.

"The officers identified themselves and searched the whole house. Only the couple was home.

"The man was dressed in three-quarter pants while the woman was wearing a baju kelawar (a kaftan-like dress)," he said when questioned by Chief Syariah prosecutor Mohd Zulkhairi Aziz yesterday.

Ifzan said Adam and Nurul Izani were taken to the police station right after they were detained.

Adam, from Johor, and Nurul Izani, who works in Kuala Lumpur, have been charged with committing khalwat (close proximity) at a government quarters in Jalan Masjid Negeri, here, at 2.05am on Dec 5, 2010.

On May 17 last year, the couple was acquitted and discharged after a ruling stating that their marriage certificate tendered in court was valid.

However on April 30, the Syariah Court of Appeal allowed an application for a retrial on technical grounds.

Adam and Nurul Izani were also represented by Ahmad Munawir Abdul Aziz.

Syariah judge Zaim Md Yudin fixed Monday for the hearing to continue.

Most Selangor MCA divisions want Chua to stay


KLANG: More than two-thirds of MCA divisions in Selangor have urged party president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek to defend his position in the December elections.

Fifteen of the 22 divisions issued a strongly worded joint statement claiming that deputy president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai was unsuitable to be president as he placed his personal interests first.

They labelled Liow as "weak and timid".

The 15 divisions are Klang, Kapar, Kuala Langat, Sepang, Kota Raja, Sungai Besar, Pandan, Hulu Selangor, Gombak, Subang, Tanjung Karang, Hulu Langat, Puchong, Sabak Bernam and Ampang.

In the statement read out by Selangor MCA deputy chairman and Klang MCA chief Datuk Teh Kim Poo, they claimed that the recently concluded division elections showed that most grassroots members still supported Dr Chua.

"We hope the president, in view of the party's interests and the hopes of most party members, will continue to seek re-election as the MCA president and lead the party in the elections in December," he said.

Teh said the current political climate called for an experienced and strong leader to helm MCA.

"The responsibility for the severe loss in the general election should not fall on the president alone."

"Liow, as chairman of the general election preparation committee, should also share the responsibility as in the past three years, he had never visited any MCA operation centre other than his own. He had the least concern for the party."

After the general election, Teh said Liow, who is also special task force chairman, had failed to stop his supporters from damaging and tarnishing the reputation of other MCA leaders.

"Although some of these opportunists have been sacked by the disciplinary board, Liow still continues to defend these offenders."

"This goes to show that he is unable to differentiate between black and white. He prioritises his personal interest because he ignores the existence of discipline within the party," he said.

Kota Kinabalu and Kuala Lumpur attract mainland Chinese tourists


KUALA LUMPUR: Kota Kinabalu and Kuala Lumpur ranked the 18th and 20th most popular destinations for mainland Chinese travellers, according to data from TripAdvisor's daodao.com.

Based on the number of visitors recorded in July and August on the website, both destinations saw year-on-year growth of 550% and 190%, respectively.

In a statement, TripAdvisor said Kota Kinabalu was among three other Asian destinations – Kyoto (Japan), Jeju Island (South Korea) and Hanoi (Vietnam) – which had triple-digit growth.

The number one destination for Chinese travellers was Hong Kong, followed by Phuket, Taiwan, Bangkok, Paris, Dubai, Macau, Seoul, Singapore and Bali.

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