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RM3bil in supply contracts


SHAH ALAM: The Health Ministry is expected to pay more than RM3bil in the form of contracts for the supply of medicinal products and equipment.

This will take effect after six months, which is the timeframe required to examine all products submitted by the vendors in the tender process, said Pharmaniaga Bhd.

Yesterday marked the end of a two-day tender exercise held at the premises of Pharmaniaga Bhd here.

Pharmaniaga is a concessionaire appointed by the ministry to procure and distribute both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical products.

Its managing director Datuk Farshila Emran said the tender process was held in a transparent manner and monitored by officials from the ministry, an auditing firm and the chief integrity officer from its parent company, Boustead Group.

She said the 172 vendors were briefed on the process before they submitted their quotations.

"When we had our previous tender exercise, about RM1bil in the form of contracts were awarded to vendors.

"This time, we are expecting the amount to be more than RM3bil."

She said the tender exercise was not an easy task as perceived by others since ministry officials would need to thoroughly vet the products.

"They will have to scrutinise each and every product because a wrong pick of a medicine can be detrimental to some 27 million Malaysians," she added.

Farshila also denied allegations that Pharmaniaga had reaped huge profits from distributing medicine to the ministry.

She noted that although the company facilitated tender exercises once every three years, it did not determine which vendor received the contract as the ministry made the decision.

Man seeks funds to treat spastic diplegic daughter


IPOH: A father is pleading for public donations so that he can treat his daughter who has been diagnosed with spastic diplegia since she was two years old.

Supervisor M. Vicneswaran, 45, said his 11-year-old daugther Rupanaa has difficulty walking due to the disease and needs to get Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala, India.

"I took her to Kerala to get the treatment in 2011.

"After the first treatment, she could move her leg slightly and her movement continued to improve after subsequent treatments last year," he said at a press conference held by Perak Barisan Nasional Public Services and Complaints Centre chief Mohd Rawi Abdullah here on yesterday.

Spastic diplegia, also known as little's disease, is a chronic neuromuscular condition of hypertonia and spasticity mostly affecting the muscles of the lower body, usually those of the legs, hips and pelvis.

Vicneswaran said his daughter needed two treatments a year, each lasting for a month.

He said he had used up most of his savings and had spent about RM100,000 to treat his daughter.

"The treatment expenditure in India costs about RM35,000 a year.

"My salary and my wife's add up to about RM4,000 and we can no longer afford to send her to India for further treatment.

"I am assured that the treatment is working for her and I hope generous Malaysians can help ensure that my daughter will walk without needing assistance," he said, adding that Rupanaa would require treatment for another five years.

Vicneswaran said his daughter had sought treatment from local hospitals but none had worked for her.

"A doctor from Selayang Hospital injected her with botox, which cost about RM1,500 per injection, but after two years of treatment from 2006 to 2008, Rupanaa's condition did not improve," he said.

Vicneswaran said that apart from her disability, Rupanaa was doing well in school.

Those who wish to help can bank in the money to Pertubuhan Masyarakat Perihatin Perak's bank account at 0811-0005538051.

Those who are banking the money direct should notify Vicneswaran at 016-535-0565 and those banking through cheque should write Rupanaa's name at the back of the cheque.

Mohd Rawi said he would also assist Vicneswaran by trying to apply for Welfare Department aid for Rupanaa.

"I will also try to get some donations from companies and individuals," he said.

Woodcutter claims trial to charges


IPOH: A 30-year-old woodcutter was charged in two separate magistrate's courts here with breaking into a house, stealing a Bentley worth RM800,000 and attempting to murder the house owner.

Voon Kok Chuan is also facing an alternative charge of possessing the stolen car.

He claimed trial to the charges, and magistrate Nur Melati Diana Abdul Wahab set bail at RM8,000 with one surety. She fixed Oct 23 for mention.

For the last charge of attempted murder, magistrate Suhaima Mohd Nor set bail at another RM8,000 with one surety and fixed Oct 31 for mention.

On Sept 6, at about 4am, Voon allegedly broke into Foo Kok Leang's house in Jalan Watson here and stole the 63-year-old's Grey Bentley, a set of house keys and the keys to a Honda.

He was charged under Section 457 of the Penal Code for house break-in and theft and, if found guilty, faces a maximum jail sentence of 14 years and fine.

For the second charge, under Section 379A (1) of the Penal Code for vehicle theft, Voon faces a jail term of not less than one year and not more than seven years, and a fine.

In the alternative charge, he was accused of keeping the stolen Bentley at a car workshop in Menglembu on Sept 6.

The offence, under Section 411 of the Penal Code, carries a jail term of up to five years and a fine.

For the fourth charge of driving the Bentley in a dangerous manner with the intention of causing death to Foo, he faces 10 years' jail and a fine.

Chambering student Hafiz Jalaludin from Ranjit Singh Sandhu & Co represented Voon, while Deputy Public Prosecutor S. Kavitha and Muhammad Fauzi Yusof prosecuted.

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