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The Star Online: Lifestyle: Parenting

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The Star Online: Lifestyle: Parenting

New parents lose more than a month of sleep in baby’s first year


New parents can lose up to 44 days of sleep in their baby's first year, according to a new British survey.

A NEW UK survey finds that new parents can lose a whopping 44 days of sleep in a year, thanks to the round-the-clock adventure of a new baby.

Diaper changes, feeding, and soothing during the night are to blame for why most new parents are getting just 5.1 hours of sleep per night in the first year of their child's life, according to the survey.

While every child is different, many babies can sleep five hours consecutively by the time they reach three months of age, while most can snooze for nine to 12 hours by the time they are six months old, according to the Mayo Clinic.

The survey, conducted by Ergoflex, a memory foam mattress company, involved more than 1,800 people from across the UK who answered questions on their sleeping habits, The Daily Mail reports.

Top reasons new parents wake up during the night included night feedings, baby crying or waking, or feeling worried about their baby's safety.

The married respondents also were asked to estimate how many times they were awoken by their partner's snoring or nightime habits, with most saying more than twice a week, according to the report. – AFP Relaxnews


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